First official prenatal appt with impromptu ultrasound! :)

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First official prenatal appt with impromptu ultrasound! :)

Appointment was pretty fantastic!! Smile
I think it's a little odd though, they want to change my due date to a whole week earlier, but only bcs that's based on my lmp, and they don't think it was enough off of my lmp to have changed it to begin with. So now they are officially saying Feb 23, which is early, if you ask me. But who knows. This baby will come when it wants! lol

AND they wanted their OWN dating ultrasound, so they ended the appt with a quick little look!!

Little bean was measuring 8 weeks 4 days, heartbeat was 186 AND we saw him or her moving!! It was so exciting! Biggrin Everything looks wonderful in there!!

We scheduled a nuchal scan for Aug 20. Can't wait for more pics of this little sweetie!

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Oh yay!! so glad you had a good appointment. nice pic too. Lilly came 8 days past her due date.

Im kind of confused my EDD is feb 22, and i am at 9 weeks 3 days.

wouldn't that be later since your scan said 8 weeks 4 days?
when was your LMP? Do you know your O date?

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Susan what a great picture, that's lovely news. The EDD thing is a bit strange. I was told though that I'll be given my final date for EDD at my 12 week scan, so maybe up till then it's arbitrary (though I always thought earlier dating scans were more accurate and that's why they were called dating scans!) Who knows. Anyway, all looks good and that's all that matters.

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Congrats on a great appt! Awesome that you were got a surprise look at your LO!

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Well, based on lmp, they put my due date at feb 23. This is the same as my original ob said, but when the orig ob did the scan they moved it to March 1. She said that there wasn't enough of a difference between 9 wks 1 day (which is with the feb 23 dd) and 8 wks 4 days to change the due date from the original feb 23. I guess there has to be a 7 day difference in the scan to change it from the 23rd and there wasn't. So back to feb 23. (But I think he/she will be coming later that week. like the 27th/28th. My babies are super punctual. lol

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Yay! Look at that picture its great! Smile How cool that your LO was moving around. Congrats. Love surprise looks at baby

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I'm so glad everything is still looking great! GL at your nuchal scan!

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Yay for good appt and suprise peek at baby Smile

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I agree, seeing the baby move is icing on the cake!!!