First prenatal visit?

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First prenatal visit?

So i was wondering when or how far along will you be whne you have your first prenatal visit?

I haven't called to scheduled mine yet but my Dr. doesn't normally do it until 8 weeks. mind you not the same dr. I had when i was Pg with Dd, i switch twice.
I had a traumatic birth experience.

My Current Dr. is also my Daughters, he is a General practitioner specializing in Obstetrics, and i was just in on Monday found out my Dr will be gone for the First half of August, and I have noticed that he is busier than ever... Plus he is booked until the end of august soo I know he is an amazing Dr. and Is highly recommended, but I am wondering if i should make an appointment with a Midwife associated with his office to get seen sooner. or maybe i can see both i am not sure.

I am really hoping for an early ultrasound for peace of mind/ see heart beat. I plan on calling the nurse line tomorrow And and see what they say.

Just wanted to get some input. thanks:confused:

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my midwife usually does a 7 week appointment, but if you are nervous, I don't see any reason why they couldn't squeeze you in for an early u/s

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My first visit was just with a nurse practitioner to give me basic info and to gather history and take labs from me. Then a few days later I saw the doctor for the first time. My OB office doesn't require you to wait a certain period for a first visit; some do. My first U/S was to confirm the number and heartbeat -- that was at 6weeks + 4 days; but I have to go back for a follow-up since the baby was measuring small and the heart beat was really hard to find. I think you are better off for your own sanity to wait a bit on the first U/S.

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My first appt was a consult and blood draw. Then I have a ultra sound on July 12th and July 19th. And one a month there after.

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so I finally call and the nurse I spoke to said that they usually don't see you until 12 weeks!! I was like really because last i remember they told me 8 weeks.

Any way they she told me about how my Dr. will be gone and asked if i wanted to see the back up person I was like no just give me the first appt with my Dr. which isn't unit August 5th Fool I will be around 11 weeks some days, and then she told me they won't do my first ultrasound until 20 weeks!!! I clearly remember having my first one at 12 weeks and then again at 22 weeks.
Why would they only do one?

I am thinking of making an appointment with a midwife, but want to keep my Dr. is that unreasonable?
I want to try and avoid a hospital birth this time and would really like to try the birth center.

Am I just making too much if not being seen sooner?
Seems like an awful long time between now and then.

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I have a midwife appointment on 9th July, so 8 weeks, and first scans aren't till 12 weeks unless there is any cause for worry earlier, there was with my DS so he was scanned at 7 weeks here in Scotland, and again in Canada at 8 weeks as I was on a work visit and had a bleed. I won't be surprised if they scan early again because of my fibroids, I swear I can actually feel them growing, horrid things.

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The ob that I'm with now does a 'confirmation' 2 weeks after a missed period (so 6ish weeks), then schedule an ultrasound for about a week later. With my feb preg my ultrasound was 6 weeks 5 days.
They set my first appt for July 1, and I imagine my ultrasound will be the week after. I have no idea when I ovulated, but it was probably between cd 17 and 22. I'm hoping they can tell me better Smile

I would just not be able to wait until 11 or 12 weeks. That's just too long.

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I have had phone consults regarding lab results since 12 dpo, but my first office visit is scheduled for 7.5 weeks. It was going to be this week, at 6 weeks along, but were on vacation!!!!! I'll have labs if the ultrasound shows a HB and good growth. Looking forward to it. 11 weeks, but ,much 22 weeks is way too long of a wait for me personally.

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I just made my first appt for 7/10. I'll be about 7 weeks then. I haven't done any blood tests yet. My HPT test line is getting darker and appearing more quickly so I have been using those as my low tech lab results Blum 3 I have so many HPT strips left (I bought in bulk) so I figure I'll just test every day or so until my visit.