FOOD!!! And Milk :)

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FOOD!!! And Milk :)

Ok. It's 930 here. I've had breakfast twice. And I'm freaking starving!!! Biggrin

And milk. Omg i want milk. All the time. The whole gallon. All of it. I usually like it, but I can't stop with it right now! What the heck?

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You are craving either protein or calcium Smile Just go with it!!

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OMG I am addicted to milk too. I can't stop drinking it. It's the only thing I want to drink! I'm drinking at least a litre a day, sometimes more. The 2 litre cartons I get are gone in 2-3 days always!

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Lol you are too funny, I love milk and when i was PG with DD I couldn't stand regular dairy products, they tasted funny, but i love milk so I ended up only being able to have organic, which is expensive, but super yummy. I swear i could taste some additive or chemical in the regular milk. I am doing fine so far this go around tho. I still love milk.