Fun question - what songs would you pick?

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Fun question - what songs would you pick?

As I'm working on compiling some music for hospital, thought it would be interesting to throw out a fun question:

If you could pick only one song for each of the following what would it be? I don't mean to have on continuous loop as any song would get old after several hours of labor but what song do you feel would best fit how you want to feel or be in that moment? I tried to include scenarios for vaginal and c-section deliveries as I couldn't recall if anyone was having a planned c-section.

During labor or while being prepped for c-section

While pushing or having c-section done

Moment baby makes appearance/you are handed baby

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Prep/ labor- I think something calming... Maybe GOOD FISH by Julia Massey

Pushing - I think upbeat and energetic... Maybe eye of the tiger or we are the champions or power of love

Baby! - At last or I'll be there for you (friends theme)

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1.) labor- carries on, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
2.) pushing- Dog Days are Over by Florence + the Machine
3.) meeting baby- probably something soothing by Dave Matthews, not sure which song yet. Have to think about it for a bit.