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Game :)

Let's name the last 3 or more baby's names that you know have been born to friends and family? (And yes, I am name hunting here)

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Jarrek, Kairi, Amilia, Aurelie (Uh-ray-lie) Soon to be born are Brently, Annabeth, and Aubrey

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Meadow, Cordelia, and Naomi (Mimi) are the three most recent.

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Lily, Stella, Leila (lee-lah), JB (kid is a third so they use his initials), Jason, Henry, John... Lots of babies recently

Have you tried tumbler? You enter names you already like and it suggest similar types.

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Isla, Heidi, Dexter.

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Rowan and Arwen (twins), Kaylie.

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Sawyer, Daisy, Jane, Bianca, Jacob, Charles

I like the website Nymbler too if you have some names in mind but don't feel you are quite finding the right one. It makes suggestions based on names you like.