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GD testing

Who is getting it done or has already done their test?

I have mine scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. They are having me do a two hour diagnostic versus the usual one hour screen then three hour diagnostic if first one failed. I only did the one hour screen last pregnancy so I'm hoping I can survive the two hours...I remember feeling so yucky last time after downing the drink.

Good luck to everyone to be tested!

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Mine is set for this saturday.
I'm not concerned, Tom has a sugar monitor at home, and I've been testing me. I am doing just fine with my sugar Smile

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I had mine last week and passed with a 115. The worst part was being hungry!!!

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mine is scheduled for december 5th. I hope i pass the 1 hour because i failed it last pregnancy, had to take the 3 hour which i passed but it was awful, i wanted to be sick, and my number for my final draw was like 68 so really low, i brought a granola bar and juice with me for after and i defiantly needed it.
I just hope to pass the 1 hour to avoid the 3 hour.

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Mine is set for this Friday at 8 am. UGH. I am not looking forward to it.

What flavor drink did you ladie pick

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I don't get my drink until I get to the lab. I can't even remember what the flavor options were last time...oh that's right they were gross or yucky Blum 3