Gender time!! Update ... Update 2

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Gender time!! Update ... Update 2

Ok ladies.... Tomorrow (Wednesday 9/11) is our anatomy scan... My hubby will find out tomorrow (assuming baby cooperates) but I won't get to know (theoretically - we'll see how good my hubby's poker face is) til oct 5th.

Who's got a guess??

My kids...

4.5 year old ... boy

2.5 year old... Boy

Hubby is one of 3 boys (no sisters)
His dad is 1 of 3 boys and 1 girl (boy, boy, girl, boy)

And.... Go!

First, I should have added. My bestie is dying to throw a shower so she's doing a gender reveal, which is why hubby gets to know but I have to wait.

Scan went well. Everything was where it was supposed to be and looked good. Got a look at "the goods" and hubs isn't telling. He is awefully giggly though so if I had to guess now, I'd say girl (yay). I did fail the 3 hour glucose (surprise...not) so I get to track my sugars for a week and we'll go from there.

Update 2:
So I failed the three hour (surprise!! Not) and started insulin at night last night.

But the more fun update... I'm still not 100% sure but I think my mom blew the surprise last night (so NOT upset). The boys went to my quickie check up yesterday and got to hear baby's heartbeat (we're trying to get them to understand the baby is in mommy's tummy so you can't jump and climb all over her - usually they are allowed but since baby they can't and they forget). So my folks were skyping last ought and my om asked if they heard "her" heartbeat. She's been trying soooo hard not to spill that I didn't react (I wasn't on screen) and just kept on like normal so I'm hoping she didn't notice herself (or thinks I missed it). I did tell hubby so if she calls freaking out he can tell her I still don't know. Shed be so upset to think she spoiled it (no matter how many times I try to tell her it wasn't my idea).

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No guess for gender, but wanted to wish you a great scan!

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Just curious why he gets to find out and you have to wait?! I wouldn't be waiting LOL

Um, I'm going to guess boy! Good luck!

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Well I'm an only child myself, have 1 son and 3 nephews (no nieces), my dad's one of four boys (no girls) and my DH is one of two boys (no girls) and his dad has 1 brother, no sisters. So a similarly Y chromosome dominant family - apart from my mother having 3 sisters and no brothers!

We've apparently got a girl, so I'm going to guess girl for you too. February is a girl month to me, somehow.

I don't know how you can wait, I'd be going beserk! Smile

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OMG. I wouldn't let my DH find out. He has a TERRIBLE poker face! We have our scan on Sep 27th. Will be doing a gender reveal party in Texas when we are visiting on October 19th. We will both be finding out this day.

I am going to guess boy but I hope I'm wrong and you get a girl! GL! Hope you have a great scan!

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Bump for update