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    Default GTKY question...

    Who is a been there done that parent?

    How many kiddos do you have or are you a first timer?

    What are you most looking forward to?

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    I am a btdt parent... 2 kids and 1 early m/c

    I have 2 boys (ages 2.5 and 4.5)

    I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy pregnancy, we miscarried in December and I'd love twin girls but would be just as happy with anything as long as they are happy and healthy (though surely and sickly would still be loved!)

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    I am a BTDT Parent ........We have two boys 6 & 3............. I just want a healthy pregnancy I have had BP issues with my two previous pregnancies, we are also trying to time dtd for a girl.
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    Two girls 7 & 5. I just cannot wait to share the experience of a new life with my daughters! They are soooo much fun and I know they will want to be involved. I also cannot wait to breasfeed and cloth diaper. I love the baby smell. I can't wait to have a person growing inside of a real life superhero. <3
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    I am a btdt parent.... One daughter age 3, and 2 losses while ttc #2.

    I am hoping for a normal pg to time. Let time i had an undiagnosed uterine septum which lead to her being trapped on my right side. It was incredibly uncomfortable and i never felt her move. She was breech the whole time and preterm. They found the septum during the c/s and felt like it was a solved mystery.....
    The septum was removed a year and a half ago. So, im hoping for a normal pg and to carry to term.
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