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GTKY question

What are you most looking forward to about a "February" baby? Cooler weather? Valentines day? Big bump at Christmas?

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DD was also a February baby, so if this is another girl i can use all her super cute clothes.

Speaking of clothes though, i was so hoping to be able to wear some cute maternity summer dresses, but looks like that wont work out. We have been trying for a year and a half, so last winter/spring, i was hoping that i would conceive to get to wear those cute summer clothes.

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I have a December and January baby so feb makes sense... Also the current due date for tis one is the same day as my first's due date which is my brothers birthday...

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I had a big belly at Christmas 2 years ago! I am looking forward to not being 7 months pregnant in the middle of summer... I can't imagine I would be MISERABLE.... I am hoping so badly for a girl. I want to do all the cute cloths and dresses and bows...... But mostly I am just happy to be having a baby Smile My Mom's b-day is Feb 11... Maybe I can give her a great 50th!

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I looking forward to the excitement in general. Seems like after Christmas and New Years, there is such a lull. Cold weather, nothing to look forward to (except spring)---by time Feb. rolls around I'm dying to take a vacation or just get out of the house. Seems like winter drags on forever. SOooo, having a brand new baby will make waiting for spring and nice warm weather so much more enjoyable!

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I'm also just looking forward to the excitement in general; if it's a girl, I have lots of newborn, 0-3 month clothes that would work since DD was an October baby. But, if it's a boy, I will need to shop (DS is an April baby, so not as much of the warm weather stuff in that size).

I'm also looking forward to telling the kids, having them feel the baby kick, etc. That was one of my biggest disappointments when we had the MC; we hadn't told the kids yet, which I was grateful for, but at the same time, I was sad I wouldn't get to see there reactions. They had been wishing on stars, asking a baby in their prayers, etc. So I was so excited to tell them.

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