Had a fall.

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Had a fall.

Last night, had a bit of a fall down five or six steps on my staircase. The dogs tripped me and fell forward. My belly bump hit the dogs backside and hips pretty hard (big strong dog).

I was hurting. And then had a bit of spotting. Sharp pains and a dull aching.
Called my dr and they said to go right to the er.
They saw me and did an ultrasound, and the baby looked ok. Good hb of 183, measuring right on schedule. So they sent me home.

Now I'm headed to my regular OB for a complete ultrasound and a check up with her. Wish me luck!

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How scary! Glad to hear ER found nothing wrong. Hope your OB appt goes well too. KUP.

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So glad that the ER visit showed nothing wrong! Keep us posted on the appointment!

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Appt was great! Baby looks fantastic. Hb is 173, and measuring exactly on schedule at 11wks, 5days. Baby was kicking and spinning. Looked like he was having a great time Wink

Weird ultrasound pic. We got the baby looking out toward the wand. She said the dark spots are where eyes are. Looks a tad creepy to me!!

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Oh and they set my next appts too.

NT scan is a week from Monday, aug 19 (13 weeks), and next prenatal is Sept 5 (almost 16 weeks). They'll also do a simple scan then. I'm hoping one of these might tell us a gender!!!

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so sorry to hear about the fall and scare. Glad to hear baby is doing well. how is your dog?

How exciting is it going to be around her soon, with all the scans!!

I tripped down the stairs with our boxer one time, i only fell down 4 stairs but i got really bruised up, since he kind of knocked my feet out from under me. my phone flew out of my hand and smashed into the wall, broken to several pieces. I think falling down stairs is the worse.

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Joy is ok. She looked kind of shocked and made a weird mommy-squished-me noise, but doesn't seem hurt. She's my baby too, I was worried! Smile

You're right, I'm excited for us to get our scans going!

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So glad everything is okay. This is one of those situations where it is good to have a bigger dog!!! If you had little dogs, you may have gotten hurt worse.

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Scary! So glad everything is ok!

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Sorry I didn't see this before. Hope everyone is okay now, including doggie! x