Happy V-day!!

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Happy V-day!!

Happy Valentines day ladies!!!

still here still prego

How is everyone??

I am feeling kind of lonely anyone around or is everyone on Fb?

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I'm here! I saw this on Valentines day, but I was on my phone and my phone is stupid when it comes to replying on here.

I'm still preggo too. I had a great V-day. I got up and dh had made us all cherry waffles before we had to send the kids off to school. He had my gifts all at my place at the table--some comfy pj pants for the end here and will fit after baby, bubble bath, a newborn baby outfit, and chocolates. Smile then he announced that he set me up with a pregnancy massage at a local chiropractors office. He had already set up for the 2 yo to go to the neighbor's (my good friend lives next door), and for her to also pick up my kindergartener when school got out and he called my OB to have her refer me for the massage so insurance would cover it--I got a preggo massage for $6 co-pay Smile I had actually never had a massage before, so it was a bit weird, but so relaxing! He just was trying to get my back and hip a little relief since they have been hurting so bad. No wonder my dr asked if I had tried much for my hip--he had talked to her the morning of my appointment and told her of his surprise for me. She knows my hip always hurts. She has to always have to help me up after measuring my belly or layingn down for an exam because I can't sit up on my own with the sharp pain in my hip. :/

But yeah, still here, still preggo and expect to be for at least until my dd in 2 weeks, but likely closer to 3 weeks to baby.

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Ooh pregnancy massage Smile That was nice of your husband to set that all up for you (including childcare). Glad you had a relaxing experience. I had two prenatal massages with DS but haven't had one this pregnancy because of coordinating childcare and my previous practitioner closed her massage practice. I do have a massage awaiting me after baby arrives. I won a free massage at my chiropractor clinic so I'm waiting until DH is on paternity leave so I can take advantage of it without a toddler around Smile