hello :)

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hello :)

Hi you guys,

my name is MJ. I am eight weeks along with our third (we also have a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old), with an EDD of 1/24. However, both of my older kids were way overdue (as in, 12 days) I am guessing that I will probably end up delivering closer to February - so I hope it's ok if I straddle both groups. (I was in the July 2010 group with my 2-year-old and an EDD of 7/29, and everyone else was snuggling a baby while I was still uberpregnant, power walking in the mall and eating sriracha and complaining about fat ankles...so I'm trying to avoid that this time Lol

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Welcome!!!! We are glad to have you:) jump on in!

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Welcome; you are more than welcome to join us -- we are a super small group; if we get this board going, we should be all very close Smile

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thanks, guys. I loved my 2010 birth board and am still close (well, fb close) with a few of the ladies. Nome of my IRL friends are pregnant at this time, and I think having a group of ladies to bond with re: this experience is so important Smile

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Hello, and You are so right about needing support, even if no one around in real life is pg with you at the same time.
I really miss my birth board from when my dd was born. I am sure some are still around here.

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Hello and congratulations... the fat ankles are something I remember too. If anyone knows a magic way to avoid those this time round I'd be very interested to hear! HH9M x

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it'll be the middle of winter, so hopefully that will help with the ankles Smile