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    Default Hello January!!!

    Well ladies...not too much longer to go!!! How's everyone feeling?
    I am sooo ready! I've had quite the interesting past few weeks. Just lots of signs my body is gearing up! I actually ended up in L&D yesterday to check for an amniotic leak. Woke up with a large damp spot on my bed...I know it wasn't urine as it had no scent (I made d/h smell it too, lol) as it turns out, it was just a LOT of extra watery- yellowish discharge. Pretty gross. It totally freaked me out though. I've never had that much at one time before. Also when I went in for my appointment the Monday before Xmas Eve- I was checked (again due to vaginal spotting) and found Im already 1 cm, 50% effaced and bubs is hanging LOW at a 0 station. No wonder it hurts to walk and I'm peeing every 5 minutes. So, that's my excitement. I still have a few odds and ends to purchase for baby, but nothing pressing. I suppose I should at least pack my hospital bag for baby. I probably won't pack mine until I'm in labor- as I use most of the things I will take with on a daily basis.
    How's everyone else? Anxious? Excited? Nervous?

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    we still have a TON to do...

    ~ Ds2's birthday party (grandparents) is Saturday
    ~ We need to make space in our bedroom for a pack n play and DH's office stuff (desk and computer, a pair of filing cabinets and a small bookcase ~ it's going in our bay window but first we have to clear out some space in the closet for the cedar chest to move out of the bay) then...
    ~ We still need to clear out the extra room (this is where the office is now ~ made some progress while DH was home from work) so that we can move DS2 to his big boy room (which we still need everything but the bed for ~ waiting to shop until we have the room empty).
    ~ Then we need to convert the nursery back (crib is currently set to toddler bed) and move some stuff around in there
    ~ Then we can finish doing the buying for baby (we got rid of stuff after DS2 cause we didn't want to store it since we knew it would be a while til we had baby 3) so Pack n play, carseat, tub...

    feeling a bit stressed...

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    Mamaterp, you make me stressed just READING that list!! I hope it's all easy and fast and you get some good help!

    We have a ton to do, but it's really mostly shopping, so I can roll with that I'll feel better when we have at least a carseat and some diapers for the little guy!!
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    Write out a physical list, that is what I need to do. Now whether the stuff on the list actually gets done is another thing Writing out my birth plan is top of my list though. I feel so much more laid back regarding preparation this time around which is good because it means less stress but bad in that I tend to procrastinate if I don't feel a little pressure.

    Jenn - Sounds like your body is getting ready. You may be our first to go

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    I wish it were easy and fast.... My house currently looks like a hoarders episode (just massive rearranging).... I will be getting 1.5 hours twice a week (at least) with no kids for checking stuff off. My folks are gonna snag them and go to the gym (we're all members and the kids love the daycare (it's huge and has a bouncy house!)... Then I'll have hubby haul stuff all over each night. My biggest issue is hip/leg pain that causes paralysis like symptoms if I sit/stand/lie in one place too long and makes me reluctant to carry heavy things (as pain will shoot up and down and cause my leg/s to buckle).

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    soo anxious and worried about actual labor since i want a natural birth. not to mention being away from Lilly. My next appointment is tomorrow and i also have a meeting with our Doula in the afternoon.. i think we are going to try and finish up our birth plan, most of it is the same as it was with Lilly.

    I have started to clean out the closet and work on our baby stuff.... wash clothes get things put away and organized. I probably could use some things like diaper rash cream and gas drops, more diapers for until baby fits one size cloth.
    oh and pack the hospital bag


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    I so hear you on the amount if discharge..... Its alarming at times...... Haha.
    My other update includes a trip to L&D yesterday for a PIH work up. My pressures in the office were 140s/90s and spilling some protein in my urine. My hands are very swollen, and my face is puffy, too. My labs came back ok though. Today a friend checked it at work and it was 152/93. So im on bed rest through the weekend and back to dr. On Tuesday. I'm trapped upstairs, because DD cant know im home or there's no chance of bed rest. Grandma is running interference, and i feel terrible that she is having to work so much harder keeping DD. I know its harder. So right now, I'm torn between going downstairs to find some food or staying upstairs and lying down.
    It's the short haul now i guess..... Counting down.
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    You've all seen what our month is going to consist of...... LOL. Other then that I am now at weekly appointments, Yay for high BP. Sadly, it's not looking like my OB is going to let me go past 40 weeks by much simply because my BP is averaging around 140/90 and it steadily raising. So, we will see where things go from here. I am going to assume I will end up with an induction due to it but no idea when at this point.

    We learned today that baby is head down and pretty low, which explains all the pressure, and that my blood work all came back normal. We had an ultrasound as well which was nice. I will upload pictures later.

    Super excited for this little girl to be here at this point. We have basically everything but a few small odds and ends. Like a sling or wrap (Going to add that to my list now)
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