Holiday Birthdays

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Holiday Birthdays

Also, for those momma's with holiday babies how do you handle the party 'situation'? I get slightly disgruntled but this year I have had 4 people ask us to move his party because it's an inconvenient date to have a party. We are holding his party on the 21st, which is a Saturday, and his actual birthday. I probably shouldn't be so upset with people but it bugs me. I also, after last years fiasco, requested that his presents not be wrapped in Christmas paper. He only had 4 presents last year in birthday paper. The ones from us. 0.o

Maybe I am being Overly 'Mamma Bear' but sometimes I just want to smack people. Any Advice?

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And please, feel free to tell me that I am being the 'crazy mom' if I am. LOL

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I have a 14 year old born on the 19th.
For the first couple years i was very bitey about it all. VERY. Now that my daughter can obviously express how she feels, I've lightened up. My HUGEST deal was presents wrapped in christmas paper. I HATED it!! Now, I can see that Meg doesn't care as long as she gets the present lol And SHE suggested we move her parties. She wants the most people to be able to come, so she (by her choice!) always has the party the first weekend of December. I have to say it works way better. Even if it frustrates me, it's her birthday, and she is very happy with that. More people come, more time to enjoy it. (Also she has a nice spread of getting friend and family gifts the first weekend and then a tiny just us party on the 19th lol)

So. To be truly honest. And to say it the nicest way without sounding like a know-it-all. From all my fourteen years of experience with a daughter with a birthday the week of Christmas: I think that in a couple of years you WILL relax about it. Whether you plan to or not. It's nice to have stuff done ON the day, but isn't it better that more people are there to celebrate him? And even if the paper is red or green, does he even notice? As long as they were thoughtful and had something for him to enjoy, is that really a big deal?
(And I'm saying this knowing I was TOTALLY the same way when my daughter was three!! Trust me- it will be easier when you can get his opinions about it all)

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My son's birthday is about a week earlier than your son's so maybe that makes a difference because I haven't had to deal with Christmas wrapping paper or other people's schedule conflicts. I get your frustration though because we do make an effort to separate the two holidays for DS's sake (probably will be more important for my son as he gets older and more aware). I say if you give people enough notice and they still can't make it for even some of the party, there is only so much you can do. Hopefully, those to whom you are closest will be able to come. The Christmas wrapping paper is odd, maybe they are being lazy because that is the only wrapping they have right now Blum 3 People who don't have to share a birthday near a major holiday (especially a gift giving one) maybe see it as a novelty in that you can combine the two. In several cases when I have spoken to adults who have experienced many a close-to-Christmas birthday felt like their birthday was kind of an afterthought because of everthing else going on Sad My aunt's birthday is Dec 24 and as a child her family would open their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve (why wouldn't they wait until the following day?) and her parents would just hand her an extra gift as her "birthday" present. Her experience certainly influences how I try to approach DS's birthday even though it is earlier in December. As he gets older, I plan to let him have more input, say if he decides he would like to keep his birthday celebration around the same time or if he would prefer to do more of a half-year celebration.

Last year I avoided putting up any Christmas decorations before his party but this year I did so after Thanksgiving and just tried to minimize the amount of Christmas stuff in the main rooms (entryway, kitchen, family room, guest bathroom) we will be using for the party so his birthday decorations are more noticeable. I love listening to Christmas music this time of year but will make an effort to avoid having any on during the party. Fortunately, since our party group is smaller this year the chance of conflicting schedules was less likely.

Sorry this is long. It is just something I have put a lot of thought into because I know birthdays were important for me growing up. As an adult I'm meh unless it's a milestone birthday for me so I try to remember it's different for kids Smile

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My birthday was 2 days ago--so exactly 2 weeks before Christmas. And yes, I did not like things wrapped in Christmas wrapping for a while, but then I didn't really care. As long as people didn't pull the Christmas/Birthday present thing. Which my OWN PARENTS often did! We were quite poor so I often got one present as a birthday-Christmas present and it made me furious because my siblings all got something on their birthdays and something on Christmas. So the paper thing stopped bothering me as much Wink

As to moving the party--you do the party whenever you can, whoever can make it, makes it. This year it seemed that my ds's summer birthday was the same--everyone was out of town! And then, the surprising one was dd's birthday in mid-October! She had half the kids not be able to make it. Can't cater to everyone I suppose is what I've found with birthdays.

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