How do you plan to deliver?

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How do you plan to deliver?

Vaginal birth or Csection? I realize things don't always go as planned, but just curious. I *plan* to have another vaginal birth (all 3 kids were delivered vaginally) but, I will admit- I am terrified of something going wrong and having to have a c-section. Can any Csection mommas calm my fears? I have no reason to believe anything will go wrong, but, just nervous about the unknown I suppose. I'm sure csections aren't terrible- I just have no experience with them or real knowledge as to what to expect with one. Again, I just would like to prepare myself just in case...

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I didn't end up with a c-section last time. I worried about that when I was being induced at 36 weeks. Fortunately, my body was already preparing itself for labor and once the doctor broke my water, things progressed fairly quickly. I definitely understand the fear of the unknown and unfamiliar though!

One of my main goals this pregnancy is to reach full term and go into labor naturally. If all goes as planned, I do not want pitocin or an epidural as I was able to avoid those last time (well I had pitocin when the placenta was taking too long to deliver). I also hope to not need antibiotics this time. My group B strep results were not finished and I was given abx as a precaution which was good b/c the test results ended up being positive. One thing I do not look forward to is getting an IV placed as people have a difficult time getting one to work on me. They had to bring in couple people to try last time and I was all bruised and swollen from the multiple attempts!

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Hoping for a vaginal delivery. With an epidural. (i've had two vag deliveries, one with the epi, and one without. I most definitely prefer to have one!)
Marcus almost didn't fit though, so I'm worried about that.
I guess my biggest worry is that I will do all the labor and he will get all distressed because he won't fit and then he could have problems. I've known a couple ladies that have lost babies at or near birth in the last year, and it just scares me so much.
I don't want a csection, but i've had surgery twice this year, and if I have to have another, I'll be fine. Just want him to come out here ok Smile

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After my terrible almost having a csection Vaginal delivery .... where I ended up with lots of interventions and being stuck to a bed.... I still want to have a vaginal delivery... and natural. I have learned soooo many things since having Lilly and how things should have went but for many reasons due to my poor care and crappy provider didn't o so well, I pray and hope that having a doula and a awesome provider will keep my fears and interventions at bay.

if anyone wants to hear my birth story i will share but i wouldn't want to freak anyone out.

I also realize that all we can do is try and prepar even if it means a csection... I hate the thought but i have done some reading on what to expect and how long the healing and such takes.

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My first was a non emergency, emergency c sec (basically we had time to set it up and my hubby was allowed in but we weren't gonna delay it for funsies... I had a spinal block (like an epi) and was "awake" (I was pretty out of it because of exhaustion and other non seizure meds).

My second was a "natural" (my water broke on its own but contractions never started) pit vbac with an epi.

If all things were equal and neither method was "healthier"/"safer"... I would do a repeat c in a heart beat! I healed soooo much faster! I would liken it to the first day of ski season (or any rec sport you don't play year round)... Where you're sore but not too sore and you have muscles you forgot you had (but now remember cause they're sore). The vbac (while I had a couple small tears, nothing big) was more like a broken bone. Move or sit wrong and searing pain shot through a small area that you're supposed to be nice to! Vbac recovery was probably 3-4 days before I felt like myself (still had doc imposed restrictions but felt "at home" and comfortably most of the time). Vbac was more like 2-3 weeks before I trusted sitting or moving comfortably.

But since all things are not equal... The goal is another vbac with pain mgmt.

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I had a wonderful c-section experience, peaceful, painless, and I felt totally respected and cared for. My c-section was planned though, and it was the only safe way for my son to be born - in fact the only way full stop as my cervix was obstructed by a fibroid. My DH was with me all the time (with a camera), 2 surgeons, very caring staff, and a great female surgeon who I completely trusted. She was happy to do all the things I wanted, which meant that no screen went up, no part of my body was in any restraints, she did delayed cord clamping at my request too, and my gown was left open so I could do immediate skin-to-skin. They played music we'd brought in which helped me relax.

Anyway, couldn't have gone better and my recovery was much better and much easier than a lot of friends who had vaginal deliveries. 3 years later you can't see the scar unless you really, really look hard to see it.

This time we don't know yet what will be the safest delivery. The fibroids are in different places now and they are different sizes, so it will depend ultimately on the fetal position. My consultant will make a decision at 36 weeks. But whatever is the safest is the way I'll be doing. My main wishes are to be awake, for the baby not to experience distress, and to get home as quickly as possible for my son's sake.

In some ways it is easier for me to have less choice! But I can reassure you that a planned c-section, or a section where you are calm enough to lay down your wishes (as long as it's not an extreme emergency) can be every bit as fulfilling and loving a birth. I never felt I missed out on a single iota of the whole 'experience'.

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I had an emergency c/s with DD. We knew she was breech, but at 33 weeks we didnt think much about it u til my water broke. Labor was very fast, with hard contractions starting immediately. I was complete in about 2 hours, but they were having a hard time getting the whole OR team together so i ended up pushing in the OR against their orders, but my body couldn't stop. Her feet came out, and then they were pushed back up to get her out via c/s. They didn't want to let me deliver vaginally because since she was premie there was too big of a risky that her head would get stuck, as the body is so much smaller than the head. They found out that i had a complete uterine septum at that point, which was removed in a later surgery. But, that leaves to large scars going opposite ways on my uterus. There's too good of a chance that the muscle would not tolerate a full labor.
So, we plan to have a repeat c/s with this one. I really hate it, because i had planned for a natural birth until that point. I was scared to death of the chance of a c/s, and it became my reality. It sucked, but it wasn't as horrific as i imagined. My issue with it is the loss of control. I was scared to death of that. But, im much more ok with it this time since i know what to expect. And also, a planned c/s has to be less scary that the chaos we experienced last time.
I really hope that i can make it to a planned date so that it is calmer.

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Hopefully vaginally. I labored for 16 hours with my son, pushed for less then 20 minutes and my epidural failed and never worked. This time I am planning to not get the epi and hoping for a much shorter labor. We are delievering a a pretty natural friendly hospital. The rooms have tubs and showers large enough for 2 (DH and I) and they also have agreed to an IV lock but no IV unless it is needed. other then that our main goal is a healthy baby. My OB and I both agree that if at any point there's a reason for medical intervention that I have no problems with it. My son was born not breathing so that's what we are hoping to avoid this time. I'd rather have a c-section then go through that again.

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Planning another vaginal delivery. I had epidurals with all of my kids so far and I would love to try without, but I think I'm too big of a chicken! I have enjoyed all of my deliveries and they have all been great, so I just don't know if I'd mess with what I know Wink Of course, you never can tell what will happen. Baby is not head down at this point, which I have never had happen at this point in pregnancy, but I didn't see my dr yesterday, only the nurse practitioner. Is it common for babies to be sideways or breech at 28 weeks?