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Thread: How is everyone feeling?

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    I usually go to bed by 10, up to pee around 3 and am up for at least an hour... Then up for good around 7. At least once a child will crawl into the bed (over me) also... Usually 2.... Thank goodness for king beds!! But I still can't roll over easily without massive amounts of pain (and I have a hella high pain tolerance!).

    I'm down to just over 7 weeks...
    This week I have to clear out my side of the garage so I can park again (snow is coming), my oldest's 5th birthday and party, and my folks come home after being gone since July (so I should probably de clutter a bit so I don't have to hear about. It from my mom)
    Luckily I'm done with Christmas shopping, about half wrapped but the rest is stuff I can't do with kids around. And I need to sort through the playroom toys (get rid of broken missing parts stuff, donate outgrown stuff...). Then Christmas, luckily the farthest we travel us about half an hour and do it easily. Then my other sons birthday (he's 3 so family and a few family friends and cake). Then we have to clear out the extra bedroom to move my current youngest into his big boy room (which is currently the office/craft room). Then reorganize the nursery for baby and finish the big shopping (car seat, pack n play... Stuff we got rid of after ds2 outgrew it).... And just typing that makes me tired! And my oldest goes to "school" mwf 12:30-3:30 which after driving and dropping gives me about an hour and a half at home but I teens to use that. Time for ds2 to get some mommy alone time.

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    Horrible hip pain at night and I notice it works up again when I walk long distance. Heartburn is ramping up...I've been popping Tums, trying to put off using Zantac until I can no longer lie down at night without feeling like the contents of my stomach are trying to make an appearance. Feeling more pressure on my bladder again. As the above gets worse, I forsee that I will be sleeping on the couch most nights. Fortunately we live in a rambler so I can avoid stairs at home. I was trying to get extra exercise by climbing a few flights between hospital floors instead of using elevators at work but I don't think I will be able to do that much longer...kind of concerns my patients when the breathless pregnant person arrives in their room, as if I'm going to give birth right at their bedside

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    10 weeks here. On the day. 11 at most, sadly, my OB is not very comfortable with me going more then a week past my due date, I am considering refusing an induction though...[/QUOTE]

    Well I have 10 weeks give or take. I am measuring 10 days ahead... I was the same way with Lilly and she was 10 days past due. they scheduled an induction for Friday if i had not gone on my own she was born on the Tuesday before.

    My mom is all like what can they do if you just dont show up to your induction???
    I mean not that we would want to put our baby in danger or anything... but no one truly knows conception time exactly.. and if your not high risk why not just monitor and wait and see.

    Im like let my body do what it needs to do.


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    I feel like i need a wheelbarrow to carry this belly around. It's not as bad in the morning, but by late afternoon my belly feels so tired, like its gonna fall off.
    I'm waking up once or twice at night to pee too, but if i wake up at 5:00 or after, then im up for good. That stinks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil Momma 1991 View Post
    Do any of you ladies have stairs in your house? Because One trip up or down them and I fell like I have run a marathon. We have 2 sets. One to the master and one to the basement. 0.o Laundry day sucks.
    We have a tri-level split. :/ I'm doing stairs all. day. long. The three bedrooms are upstairs, along with 2 bathrooms. The main level has living room, kitchen and dining (no bathroom), and the downstairs has a family room with tv (any my business takes up the back part of the room) and the laundry room. So yes, laundry day is exhausting dragging it all down and then back up again. But even if I plan to spend most of the day int he main level/kitchen/living room, I still have to run up for the bathroom and kids rooms etc. And yes, I get out of breath these days just doing stairs!

    As for how I'm feeling--I really can't complain too much. Heartburn comes and goes, but hasn't been too bad yet. I don't have hip pain this time around (again...I'll say YET) But I am tired all the time. I feel like I need a nap every day after lunch and would take one, except my kindergartener comes home at lunch time and he needs/wants attention during the toddlers naptime :/
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