I'm pregnant!

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I'm pregnant!

Hi Ladies:

Thought I would check-in! I'm pregnant due August 9. I went two days ago (11-13 dpo) for labs and got HCG 25.7 and progesterone 13.8. Both low numbers, but it's early. I went today for repeat labs (don't have results yet) and go again on Monday. Please send me lots of sticky vibes and good increase numbers!


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Sticky sticky******

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Congrats !!!! Sending lots of good vibes!!!!

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congrats sticky sticky

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That's fantastic! So happy for you! I'll be thinking of you and hoping so hard that you get your little sweetheart in 2014. Smile

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Whaaaaawhooooo!!!!! Love that you keep checking in! So happy for you. Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!

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Wishing you the absolute best! Congrats and stickies xxxxx

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Yes, please please keep us updated! Smile

(btw, I was in Oct 13, then had a loss and the next due date club I landed in is where I stayed. I hope you get to stay in August the same way)

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Oh Christa! I clicked on this thread hoping to add my congratulations, then saw your siggy. I'm so sorry, sweetie. :kissy: