Increase in discharge/odor (TMI)
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Thread: Increase in discharge/odor (TMI)

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    Default Increase in discharge/odor (TMI)

    Anyone else notice an increase in discharge? I noticed a major increase in the last month or so...I realize its totally normal, however I cannot stand the smell!!!? Don't get me wrong- it's not a "foul" odor like an infection or something- I know this b/c I remember it from previous pregnancies. It's almost a sweet smell. I'm not sure if its just that I can smell everything better these days or if the smell IS actually stronger, (or maybe both) but it seriously drives me crazy. I can smell it every time I use the bathroom. Sometimes I just get a whiff if I'm sitting in a weird position. I've honestly started to wonder if anyone else can smell it. It's just very distinct- a smell I cannot forget... I know I'm not leaking amniotic fluid or anything, so I'm not worried about that...guess I'm just wondering if anyone else notices a different smell to their discharge? Maybe some scented panty liners would help. I just find it kind of weird- I wonder what it is that causes the difference- I'm sure hormones play a big role, but funny how I can remember the smell from being pregnant 2 years ago.
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    I could have written this... I use a panty liner. You're not alone!

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    Yeah. I am totally the same. I use the liners too.
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