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How could I be so tired, and NOT be able to sleep!

Oh, I was so so so tired last night! But I couldn't really fall asleep until about 1 am! And then at about 3 I was woken up by something--pretty sure a kid going potty because I vaguely remember hearing a toilet flush Wink So of course I was uncomfortable and had to pee. So I got up to pee and could NOT get back to sleep! Baby was moving, dh would roll onto his back and begin to snore, so I'd have to nudge him to roll back over. I was awake almost 2 hours! So when my alarm went off at 7 to get kids ready, I was a mess. So exhausted.

Hopefully I can sleep tonight :/ Anyone else dealing with insomnia/discomfort that keeps you from sleeping?

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I find myself dragging my heels to go to bed because I don't want to deal with the pain during the night and in the morning. I can be really tired but find excuses to not go to bed or I doze off on the couch (which is more comfortable for me anyway). I do have those times like you where I wake up during the night and cannot fall back asleep for a long while, it is frustrating since we need all the sleep we can get before these babies arrive.