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It's A......


We had our ultrasound and fetal echo-cardiogram today. It took about 2 hours because the baby was not in the right position then kept moving constantly. But after that we sat and waited. The chest and heart look normal on the baby which is great. We have another consult with my regular OB on Friday to go over the results once more. We have the sex of the baby currently in an envelope on my kitchen table that is taped shut so that I cannot peak.. It's killing me. Tomorrow we will be mailing it out to a friend in Texas for the gender reveal on October 19th! We are going to be dying to know by then! Thanks for all the Good luck vibies that you ladies sent me a few weeks ago when I said I was super Nervous about this ultrasound. So now the good part. PICTURES! I still think it's a girl!

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Yay!! And awww!!! I know the wait is hard (I get to find out a week from tomorrow on my birthday!) and it's killing me!!