Measuring ahead... by a lot!

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Measuring ahead... by a lot!

I had my booking in appointment today with the midwife. It's a different one to the one I had last time, and I like her a lot more. She didn't do anything really but she did take blood and filled in the usual long questionnaire on health etc.

Then she felt my tummy because I told her I was already at my belly button.
"Oh no" she laughs, "you'll not even be over your pubic bone yet."
"No, really," I tell her. "It's the fibroids. I started to feel it the same week I took the test".

She takes a look....

I'm measuring 22 weeks!!!!! And I'm only 9+6.


She isn't too concerned, just said something to watch out for.

I have the same consultant as last time which is again really good news. And a scan coming up on Friday, then another on August 13th. Yahoo

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Wow that is a big difference! You said earlier that the fibroids growth should slow down over the coming months, am I remembering correctly? Yay for upcoming scans though Smile

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Yes, they'd better!

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Wow! I'm glad your midwife isn't too concerned!