Metallic Taste..

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Metallic Taste..

Anyone else experiencing this? I never did with my other 2 pregnancies (though this one is NOTHING like those) everything seems to be so different with this one and I'm over it. haha, between the nausea, metal taste, sore boobs and the little patience I seem to have lately.

How are everyone else's symptoms?

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I don't know if I would describe my mouth taste as metallic but it definitely bothers me more so that I feel the need to brush my teeth or chew gum throughout the day. But then I brush and start gagging which makes my mouth feel gross and then I want to brush my teeth's a catch-22 :rolleyes: I'm really sensitive about scents like body odors, chemical smells and mixed food smells (which is so much fun when you work in hospital). Even opening my dishwasher when there are soiled dishes already in there grosses me out, I have to hold my breath until I close the door again. And changing DS's diapers are a serious test of my breath holding abilities Blum 3 Just describing these things is grossing me out...sorry to others for the TMI since I know so many of us are dealing with nausea right now

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no funny metalic taste here m but i have the excess saliva which at times just grosses me out. and for some reason i hate the taste of the ice that comes from our frige and i love really cold water, so it is pissing me off big time. DH says he can taste it to kind of like dirty freezer burn idk. my mom thinks i am crazy since now i won't drink anything with ice from our frige. it is ok at first but then once the ice starts to melt it is yucky. We jsut changed the water filter on the frige too, so thats not it.

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Definate metallic taste here. I had it with DD, too. I had switched to decaf coffee about 6 months ago, but i havent been able to enjoy my coffee in several weeks now. It just tastes very metallic. Which is sad, because i love coffee, even if its decaf.
I have much worse nausea with the pg than with DD. nothing except cold fruit, cereal, and carnation instant breakfast tastes right.