Miserable Monday.

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Miserable Monday.

Oh just ew. I'm so so tired of feeling so so crappy.

How is everyone else?

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It's a Monday... It's also my birthday, and I got a new car on Saturday. Still a sucky Monday

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Today has been a blah day for me too. I was feeling okay at work yesterday, but today I'm having hard time getting stuff done. I need to go grocery shopping but I start retching and am paranoid about throwing up in public so I keep pushing it off. Plus not sure I want to be around the food and smells right now...blech.

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Happy birthday Kendra!! Smile

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I had a bad day too. I was up in the north of Scotland with my aunt and uncle, and wanted to get the train back because the car is making me feel sick at the moment. They kindly offered to drive me all the way and then stay with my parents for a few days, and I really didn't want them to but couldn't say no because they were being so kind. 5 hours on windy roads next to DS who whined all the way because uncle's speakers weren't working to put music on. BLLEUGHGHGHHG. I'm so glad it's over.

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so sorry to hear that you all are having such a bad monday.

My day has gone pretty well, I had a craptastic weekend tho.
I don't think i could have handled a bad day today.
I scored at goodwill on 4 pairs of maternity bottoms from motherhood.:)
And my appointment is a week from today so excited i know this week will fly by!

Happy birthday Kendra :occasion18::bdaycake::party: