Missed the memo?

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Missed the memo?

I think my body missed the second trimester memo..... I certainly do not have that energy burst and feel-awesome feeling that is scheduled. Quite frankly, I'm exhausted. All. The. Time. There is so much i want to do, but there's just not enough time and I'm too tired.
I feel like its hard to get a good deep breath, like its already third trimester or something. My legs ache most days. I'm just plain tired.
Is it because I have a preschooler this time around? Because work is hard as usual? Because my husband can be a @sshole and i just pick up the slack?
I dunno. I'm just tired, and tired of being tired.
So there's my vent and complaint session. Sorry.

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Mine did too cause I'm just exhausted... But I'm chasing two this time and not napping like I did with ds1 and ds2

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I have never gotten a burst of energy during pregnancy. Ever. lol I remember exhaustion being my biggest problem before with my first two, and it certainly still is with this one.

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Just a thought, but have you had your iron levels checked recently? Sometimes when I run on the anemic side, I know my body feels like it is really dragging. If it is low, a little more iron (through diet or a supplement) might give you a little energy boost. Just make sure you drink lots of fluids and get your fiber because more iron usually leads to constipation (and if you are like me that is something you already have an issue with).

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I feel so tired on most days, but i have been able to go a few days recenty with out a nap. Some days i feel great but i know it wont last becasue when the 3rd tri hits is really when i am the most exhausted. I feel bad for Lilly some times because mommy is soo tired or i just don't have much patients for any games, ie running around the store, I feel bad because I know she hates to be in the shopping cart. But i can't keep up with her.