My baby's birth story

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My baby's birth story

Guess I should add my story before life gets too busy again Smile

My OB had checked me at my 38 week appointment. I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced and he guessed that I would likely go into labor before the weekend was over. Well finished out that week and the weekend came and went with no baby. After a couple evenings/nights of irregular contractions that dissipated by morning, I was starting to feel very sore and tired. I reached 39 weeks and was scheduled to see my OB at 39+1. My mom needed to be in our area for a meeting that day and offered to come down and stay the night before so that she could watch DS1 while I went to my appointment that morning. At first I said it wasn't necessary, but she insisted gently so I agreed as it would be nice to not have to juggle a toddler at my appointment. She arrived at our house that evening and I wasn't having any contraction activity like I had previous nights. Went to bed feeling a little disappointed, but looking forward to my appointment and finding out if the contractions had made any progress. I had noticed DS1 had a slight cough that past day and sure enough he woke up couple times during the night all congested and coughing. While I sat on the floor next to DS's toddler bed trying to cradle and comfort him, I remember thinking how awkard it was trying to hold him with my big belly and how funny it would be if my water broke while I was in his room.

Back in my bed finally a few hours later, I woke slightly and realized I felt a small gush of fluid as if I had just lost bladder control. I noticed it was 4 am and got up to the bathroom. I felt a little more fluid loss as I walked. It had soaked my pad and a little had gone into toilet, but I still wasn't sure if my water had broken. I did have some mucus on the toilet paper. I changed my pad and went back to bed. I woke up DH and told him maybe my water had broken but I wasn't sure and since I was not having contractions I just planned to try to sleep more. I woke up around 4:30 to the feeling of an internal "thud" and gush of fluid. At that moment I realized my water was indeed broken. I was having some contractions at that point but wasn't sure on timing. I told DH I was going to take a shower and try to time my contractions. I was using my wristwatch that was sitting outside the shower on the counter and had to keep wiping steam off the door to see, it seemed they were coming about 2-3 minutes apart and lasting 30 sec. I wasn't keeping track very well so I thought I had more time. I told DH he could shower while I tried timing my contractions using an ipad app. I realized the contractions were actually lasting full minutes and were only 2 minutes apart using app. I told DH we needed to call. They told us to come in. We gathered some last minute items for our bag and told my mom that we were heading to hospital. Thank goodness she was already at our house because we would not have been able to wait for someone to come watch DS1 with how fast things were progressing.

It took us about 10 minutes to get to hospital and park. I didn't have DH drop me off at front entrance since I thought we had plenty of time and even though the contractions were getting painful enough that I had to stop and breathe through them, I still elected to take the stairs in the garage as I thought it could help progress things along. As they had me sign paperwork at the admit desk and gave us ID bands, I continued to pause for contractions. My nurse met us and walked us to the room. She had me change into gown. She asked to see my pad and I was surprised how pink it was from bloody show (I had been feeling gushes of fluid with each contraction). I had few more contractions while sitting on toilet before I felt ready to climb into the bed. The nurse continued asking questions to check me into the system and hooked me up to the fetal monitor, this was around 5:50 am. We continued talking and she asked if I would like to labor in tub. I said yes and she started filling up the tub. I was starting to get very uncomfortable and she asked if she could check me. She said that I was complete and ready to have the baby. At that point, I had moved to my hands and knees and was hanging onto the head of the bed. I don't think my gown was staying on me on that point, but I did not care because I felt so hot and asked for a cool washcloth. The nurse called my clinic's OB on call who said she could be there in 10 minutes. The nurse told the OB she didn't think I was "feeling pushy" and I started saying yes I do! I became very vocal and kept saying how much the contractions hurt. The nurse called the hospitalist OB and asked her to come because she was worried the other OB would not arrive in time. Meanwhile, the nurse was coaching me to puff my cheeks and say "puh, puh, puh" to avoid pushing without an OB in room. Those minutes seemed to take forever and the contractions more painful than I remembered with DS1. The hospitalist OB arrived and even through my exhaustion between contractions, I was able to say hi and how I remembered meeting her after DS1's birth. I asked if I could push and deliver in my current position and the hospitalist OB hesitated saying she really preferred not as she had a bad back. I felt so deflated at that point because I really did not want to move and push while lying on my back, but wasn't sure if I would be able to wait for other OB to arrive. Luckily, I heard not long after another voice saying "I'm here" and felt a quick moment of relief, especially when my clinic's OB said I could be in whatever position I wanted to push, I would have hugged her if I wasn't in so much pain. I did not keep track of how many pushes it was at that point until his arrival, but he arrived at 6:27 am and was placed on my chest as soon as I flipped myself around (I had to make sure my leg did not get caught on the cord). My placenta delivered shortly after and my bleeding was well controlled which was an improvement from last time. I needed one stitch placed. DS2 laid on my chest and started nursing while my nurse continued checking us into the system. She had the supplies out to place a hep-lock earlier but did not get to that either since he arrived so quickly. My labor and delivery was quick and painful but I am happy I got through it med free (not that I had time to get anything even if I had wanted it). DH was able to give me a few words of encouragement and intermittent touch on back to let me know I was not alone, but give me the space I needed to get through labor and delivery since I don't like hovering and being touched too much.

DS2 birth provided some healing for me because I had felt so much was out of my control during DS1 birth. I felt more present during this birth (which is probably why it seemed more painful) as the magnesium sulfate drip made me feel so fuzzy during DS1 birth and afterwards. Also different experience not having to deal with health issues while trying to care for baby (other than this pesky cold - thanks DS1 :p).

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Amazing birth story! So glad your mom was already at your house! Congrats again!