My Gummi Bear!

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My Gummi Bear!

We had our first ultrasound and got some great news. Our little gummi bear is measuring 2 days ahead but they are not gonna move my Due Date so Feb 19th it is. The heart beat was 172, which we have chosen not to make public because I do not want to deal with all of the gender guesses and the arguments that will get started. There was no other major talks about the appointment. I go back on August 9th for my next ultrasound and some genetic screening, the one plus side to being high risk. Monthly ultrasounds!!

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Lovely picture, definitely starting to look baby shaped! Smile Glad to hear you had a good appointment. x

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so glad you got to see your lo, i always like to see ultrasound pic's, i heard they don't change due dates unless its more than a week and a half difference.