My hospital visit (Long sorry!)

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My hospital visit (Long sorry!)

Well, where to start, first off, I am already home and both baby and I are doing well. That seems like a good place!

Last Saturday, the 4th, my son went to the ER, for dehydration from the stomach bug. We spent 8 hours there with him before being discharged and told to try to make sure that I did not catch what he had. Monday and Tuesday I felt pretty crummy. Wednesday I went to work feeling like hell, I work in a small law firm (3 people) and my boss had fallen and broken his leg in 2 places on the 4th so I was trying to push through what ever bug I was getting because our firm would suffer terribly if both of us were out. Well the other worker got into the office around 2 pm after being in court and took one look at me and told me to go home and rest for the night.

So, I got home decided not to pick up my son early from day care, which is extremely unlike me. So I texted DH and told him that he needed to get DS and I went up into our NEWLY finished bedroom and laid down. By 5 oclock I was throwing up. After about 4 hours I was literally sleeping on the bathroom floor because I was so sick and getting sick so frequently. I was also having terrible diarrhea, sorry if TMI. At 12 I called my doctor to see if he wanted me to go to L&D triage, he said if in a few hours I wasn't keeping anything down then to go straight in, if not he wanted me in his office at 8 am when they opened to be checked out.

At 2 I started having some pretty irregular contractions. DH woke up at 545, took one look at me and said I was going to the ER. He got DS dressed and took him to day care at 630 when they opened, I felt so guilty, my son has NEVER been to daycare that early ever. So after that we got to the hospital, signed in and they told me to go sit in the waiting room to be called back. I started throwing up in the hallway and sat on the floor. I couldn't stand back up at this point and they brought out a wheel chair to take me back.

They took me back and started and IV immediately. They started zofran, I puked on the nurses shoes at one point, I felt terrible, still do. They checked on baby with ultrasound and saw that my fluids where very low so they upped my IV fluids. At this point it's probably 8 am and I have been puking for 14 or so hours. Some time in the last hour I remember my back starting to hurt terribly. I managed to pull a muscle in my back from being so sick.

I am dilated to a CM currently, and my BP was pretty high most of the hospital visit. They ran all the blood work again to make sure it was not pre-e or anything more serious.

I was admitted to the hospital for severe dehydration and low fluids, my amniotic fluid levels are back to normal now that I am nice and hydrated. Took us 3 days to get my pain and upset stomach under control and I was finally sent home today around 5 pm.

Now I am home and waiting. I have an appointment with my OB on Friday unless I am not feeling better by Tuesday. They sent me home with pain meds to control the pain and some zofran until my stomach is better. -Sigh- stupid stupid stupid stomach bug.

How was every one else's weekends?! lol

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Oh that sounds awful!!! So sorry you were so so sick! I had a stomach bug over Christmas, but I somehow lucked out of the puking part--just the diarrhea part...which was bad enough!

Glad your fluids are back up!

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So so glad you are feeling better!! It must have awful to have needed to stay in the hospital that long!

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Glad you got the help you needed and are starting to feel better.

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That sounds miserable. Im so sorry you had to deal with that.
Glad youre home and can start to just rest and renew.

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gosh i hate stomach bugs, but being prego and having it must have been pure hell. Hope you are all recovered now.