To my US ddc ladies - Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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To my US ddc ladies - Happy Thanksgiving! :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Smile
Anyone doing anything fun?

We are going to Rhode Island to be with Tom's family. The weather here in Central NY will suck, but not in Rhode Island, so yay.

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Just a two hour drive day should be decent. We already flew out to the Midwest this past weekend for an early Thanksgiving/Christmas with DH's family. It was snowing there as we left, but no snow at home Smile

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sadly i am stressed out about all the cleaning i have to do since Dh just informed me yesterday MIL is coming over for Thanksgiving.
And to top it off My dad couldn't get a load (he is a trucker) this way, and i am also mad at him for telling me he is plaing on spending his December home time in Florida, instead of here with his daughter and grand daughter. I know its cold her but really??? I guess he will be drunk on some beach for four days :/

So sorry rant over

I am tired too.
Can't wait to do some shopping this weekend though. I guess it is therapy.