Nesting in full force ....... And chosen a NAME!!!!! Finally

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Nesting in full force ....... And chosen a NAME!!!!! Finally

Over the past month I've been busy getting stuff ready like everyone, but the past few days I've been in high gear! I've gotten the bouncy seat washed and cleaned, same to the car seat, the downstairs pack and play set up for changing and naps, even a few more freezer meals done.
I can now order the wall monogram because we settled on a name:
Olivia Avery
We both liked Olivia, and Avery is my dad's name.
I take my last progesterone shot today, so i can go about any time. I think im far enough along and with the betamethasone for lung maturity, i should be able to avoid NICU. Yeah!!!!!!!!:)
I just wonder if I'll go into labor on my own or have the scheduled c/s. Either way, it's VERY close!

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I'm with ya.... Now that ds1's birthday, and a week of Christmas (family parties) are over... It's just:
Ds2's birthday (small family party at home)
Clean out spare room
Move ds2 to big boy room
Reconvert nursery back (currently ds2's room and crib is set up as toddler bed)
Then finish shopping for baby (we got rid of a bunch of stuff and need new car seat as ours expired)

I don't think I'm making it to my due date either... This little bug seems to want out (kicking and rolling like mad).

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sounds like you are really getting things done and prepared... not so much here

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Awesome!! Good for you!

I have the motivation, but haven't done a ton yet. Before Christmas, I did begin going through my old boy clothes and offloading those. I feel like part of my nesting needs to be a thorough sloughing and purging of anything I don't want to move when our house is finished (hopefully by fall--moved in before any major holidays). Hence why I'm going through all the old boy clothes that my almost 2 year old has outgrown and getting rid of ALL of it! Only saving the girl clothes for baby.

As for name.....we have NOTHING. We have 9 weeks to go, I don't suspect to have her any more than a week early, and most likely up to a week late, so I still have a few weeks but this name has been so hard.

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Yea for getting so much done and also for deciding on a name Smile

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Whooo hoooo on getting to much done! Smile Congrats on picking a name. It always seems impossible

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You are impressive!! Great on getting your name in place!!! We are down to five, Dean, Owen, Samuel, Jason or Keith. Really leaning towards Dean Thomas.