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New Here.

Hey ladies!

I'm new here, I was a member back in 2007-2010 when I had my 2 other children, and for some reason it won't let me log into my old SN.

Anyway, took a test on Wednesday night with a BFP! I've been out of state for a family emergency since then, hopefully all is cleared up by later today and I'll be able to get back to NY and see the doctor Monday. My estimated due date from my LMP is 2/14/2014.

Congratulations to everyone who is already here and who will be joining!

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Welcome, hope all goes well for your return home.

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Welcome and congrats!!!!

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A valentines day baby! Congrats to you, HH9M! Smile

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Thanks ladies! I;m actually due on my birthday, my last 2 pregnancies were c/s so most likely this baby will be arriving the week before. I'm very anxious for Monday to come so i can call and get into the doctor. Very nerve wracking having found out the middle of last week and not being able to call anyone yet to make an appt.!