New things since I last had a baby .... Sleep sacks??

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New things since I last had a baby .... Sleep sacks??

Ok. What the heck is with the sleep sacks? The things that look like a blanket with dress straps?

What is the point of this? Are they useful? Are they a 'must-have'? Are they for safety for some reason?

Like these: HALO SleepSack Applique Micro-Fleece Wearable Blanket, Blue, Large: Baby

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We used them during the cooler weather months after we stopped swaddling DS at naps and night. Since we couldn't cover with blankets because you run the risk of it covering their face (and they would probably kick them off anyway), we used a sleepsack over pajamas (or day clothing if a nap) to add an extra layer of warmth. My mom made me several in different weights: fleece for cold winter weather and a lighter weight flannel for fall and spring day/nights.

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They are for keeping them warm because it's not recommended to let infants under 1 sleep with pillows blankets or stuffed animals. Ot increases the riak of SIDS. I used them with my first until he was about 14 months.

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Oh jeez. Now blankets are off limits?? I put my kids in blankets from the start... swaddled and then just covered. I had my last 12 years ago and I did everything by the recommendation with my kids, and STILL it's all wrong now! I feel so old and outdated, like someone's mom that had kids years ago and now gives out the bad advice!!! Maybe 12 years from now, we'll be looking at totally new things again.

It's so surprising how much has changed!! Things I thought were great, like the crib with the drop side, aren't even made anymore. And i really really miss cold lunchmeat. And soft serve. Alot.

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:lurk: LMAO at the blanket with dress straps. That's the thing you called a mumu on my FB page! LOL!!!

We love our sleep sacks. I had them with T and now am using them again with Reid. Like others have said, it's basically so they can have a blanket without the SIDS risk. Otherwise I'm that mom that always frets that they aren't warm enough.

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Hehe!! Yes, I seriously didn't know what it was, but it looked so cute on your itty bitty one!! Smile I always worry about how warm they are too. I guess this old outdated mom will have to get a couple! lol

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I've had a few with all the kids--mine were mostly long sleeve sleeping bag type though. And I just used them like pj's. I hardly used them other than that though--just made sure their pj's would keep them warm enough.

Oh and the cold lunchmeat thing??? My OB said they used to say no way to stuff like that because of listeria...however my office doesn't anymore because they have found listeria on other things besides those they recommend against--like fresh fruit or veggies. She said basically be aware of any food "news" about contaminated food and stay away from those while it is recommended to and keep foods cold and safe temps, etc. And she said I could eat sushi Smile As long as it is from a reputable place and made fresh-not like deli sushi. Which is good...cause baby is craving sushi lately.

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I am a total believer of the swaddle sack type sleep sacks. Isabelle slept so much better in a swaddle sack. She liked it well into 6 months old. But she was in a wrap on me a lot during the day, so im sure the swaddle sack felt a lot like that.

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I bought them but didn't use them. DS was swaddled at first and then I just found them a right pain in the bum for doing nappy changing during the night. I can see the point, but we just bought DS wool sleepsuits instead to keep him warm and he had a lightweight blanket and was next to me for body warmth.

Having said that, they are all different so maybe I'll pick one up if not too expensive and see if this baby likes it. I'm not sure DS liked being swaddled all that much in retrospect. But he also didn't like the sleep sack and would wriggle all over the place trying to shrug it off!