Night contractions -input requested

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Night contractions -input requested

So there have been several nights now that I have had contractions that did not end up with baby's arrival (since I'm still waiting :p). Last night was probably my strongest and longest set - starting at 8pm and not letting up until around 2am. They kind of disappeared while I was sleeping in between bathroom trips, etc. I have very sore abs and pelvis today like I did an intense workout. The contractions are very irregular both in frequency and intensity which made it it difficult for me to time them or know which contractions to count (do I count the less intense contractions same as the big ones?). I have my 39 week appt tomorrow but was hoping to get some input from those moms that went into labor on their own. Did you have a similar experience with previous episodes of contractions before the big one came that brought baby along? Do you time each contraction regardless of their intensity (if they are variable)? I'm not a FTM but feel like I am when it comes to going into labor since my water was broken in hospital to induce DS. I was told last week by OB to call if water broke or contractions were 5:1:1 so I hope it will be obvious when I reach that point.

Thanks ladies! So exciting to see babies arriving now Smile

ETA: Reading up on this some more & it looks like I'm experiencing prodromal labor so probably why I haven't been able to time it very effectively. I hope this means my body & baby are getting ready for the real deal Smile

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this time my contractions were never 5 11, i think it is a guide line. although i havent typed my birth story yet this is what i did/ happened.

first off if you have smart phone down load contraion timer... i used it to follow them until i left for hospital.....

from about 2 to 330 they were anywhere from 15-9 min apart never super consistent 1 to 30 second in duration
then 8-5 min apart about same duration

it completely fluctuated in strength and length depending on what exactly i was doing or position i was in. Laying down was the absolute worse but sitting butterfly was more breathable short length

Then from about 6-8 pm they were 5-3 min apart some were short some were long towards the end from 9 up until i left for the hospital they were 5-2 min apart but only lasting 30 seconds and way intense. I decided time to go at about 11:30 pm I had at least 5 contractions before we reached the hospital and we only live 5 min away!!!

I was a seven when they check me the first time

Use your best judgement!!! and don't forget to try and breath through them for your baby!!!

the app was super easy to tell when they were closer together but for me the duration changed but they were coming closer and closer, also intensity .I hope this helps.

at first i figured prodomal labor like with my daughter but it wasn't in the end.

Good Luck mama!!!

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I had 4 days of prodromal labor with ds2. It got very old! But he was also posterior/sunny-side-up whatever you want to call it. So when I went into the hospital when the contractions went for so long, the nurse told me that my labor wasn't doing anything because since he was backward, his head was just hitting my tailbone so he could not descend. So she recommended going home and laboring the next few hours on a birth ball leaning forward or on my hands and knees in a tub. I tried both, he flipped and my labor went full force and he was born a few hours later Smile

Hopefully this is it for you! Just a short time and your baby will be in your arms! It is exciting to see babies arriving Smile