And now we have spotting... UPDATE w/scan and pics!

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And now we have spotting... UPDATE w/scan and pics!

I don't even know what to make of that. I have never ever had spotting with any of my pregnancies. Including the loss. It certainly wasn't much. Just a little bit of pink and brown on a piece of toilet paper. And I'm trying to be rational. But still upset.

At least my ultrasound is at 3. I'll know then one way or the other.

They did the ultrasound and found a very healthy little bean!! My due date was off (like I thought it would be) and now has been moved to March 1! (does that mean you'll kick me out of here?? lol)

HB rate of 129 which they said is perfect (the hb last time for my loss always measured very low). They said avg at 7 weeks exactly is 126. So yay!!

No more anything at all when went pee either.

And here's the worst, blurriest pic possible:

But I love the pic anyway. ( you can kinda see she's sideways with her feet toward the left?) Feel so amazing right now.

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*hugs* I hope it's nothing! I've had spotting going on for 2 weeks now so I feel your pain...

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I hope the spotting is nothing. My nurse was telling me yesterday that they only worry about spotting/bleeding if it covers an entire panty liner in about half an hour's time. She even said the color doesn't matter. But I understand this info may not be reassuring if you have had losses before :bigarmhug: I'll be thinking of you today and hope you have a good u/s.

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I hope they can reassure you at your ultrasound. I've had it every day for two weeks and had it all through my first trimester with DS too.

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Thank you so much ladies for being so sweet! Updated at the top!

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Whoop!!!!!!!!!! Sooooo happy for you

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YAAAAYYYY!!!! Great to see this before I go to sleep tonight. So happy for you. x

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Great news! Spotting always makes you nervous. Glad the u/s was good.

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Happy dance!

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so Happy for you!! no i think you can stay, lol but you can also check out march too. I thought about as well since I was 8 days over my due date with Lilly. I also spotted a lot during the first few weeks and every time Dh and i had sex. so they put me on pelvic rest until my first scan.

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congratulations! And look at all that fluid! Yahoo

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Congrats Susan! So glad that the baby looks great!'s picture
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I could have sworn that I already commented on this post, but I don't see anything. Either way, woohoo for a good scan!! Glad you had quick relief from the spotting concerns Smile

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So glad baby is doing well Smile

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Take it easy! I had spotting weeks 8-12 with DD1 and period like bleeding weeks 6-14 with DD2. Ironically enough, I had no bleeding with my loss until after it had been diagnosed on U/S. The bleeding did get worse the more I exerted myself or carried.