Packing you bag?

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Packing you bag?

I never had a bag packed with Isabelle because she came 2 months early and i wasnt ready. So i am planning on packing a bag this week just in case, with instructions for last minute things that need to be added like makeup and stuff.

What did or do you plan on packing?

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I don't even remember when i packed my bag but it was early I think. Like 34 weeks???

I will have a pair of slipper socks, one night gown , and a going home out fit. The one i brought for after Lilly didn't fit well i was mad, but wore it any way. I picked a shirt and pants that i wore during the second trimester like they suggested but it was tight.

Chap stick and hair brush and ties/ headband.

probably an outfit for Dh as his clothing got ruined and all he had to wear was pajamas.

all the new born stuff i brought was way too small. so i will bring one outfit and one sleep gown 0-3 months. and maybe one new born just in case.


Lots of snacks and drinks. I ate practically my whole labor up until 9 cm, its good not to have to rely on what is meagerly stocked in the mothers snack room. they won't let you order food from cafeteria until after baby comes.

i remember bring and playing boggle with Dh and my mom in between contractions.

I don't normally wear make up except on special occasions, so to me who the heck cares about putting it on while in hospital. sorry no offense meant to you ladies that have to put it on everyday. I just think it is silly since only family usually come to see you while at hospital. I was way to tired and completely involved with Baby to even consider anything but a nice hot shower.

I also hope not to be there for 3 days this time.

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I will be packing my bag tomorrow. With my first I didn't have time to pack one and forgot a ton of stuff!

I will being the basics. Comfortable Pjs for after labor, chapstick, hair ties, my yoga ball (Loved this for my first!), ipod, my pillow, a boppy, and food and drink. I won't be bringing a laptop or tablet or any type. I didn't find it useful with my first. I was too tired to even care about social media!

I will be bringing some small travel sized shampoo condition and soap because I've got pretty sensitive skin and it's easily irritated. I won't be bringing makeup. I don't normally wear it and have no idea why I would even want to. (Not trying to offend anyone!!)

A couple sleepers for baby girl and her coming home outfit as well as her blanket we had made.

I did decide to do a big brother bag for DS and a Daddy emergency kit for DH. Which those are fun, I won't tell them or show them until the hospital Smile

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I'm very much a procrastinator, so I will probably end up packing whenever I go into labor- if at all. The only thing I will make sure the have is my phone/charger- which I can quickly toss in my purse. We live about 45-50 minutes away from the hospital, but d/h will have to come home at some point to take care of our dogs, so he can easily get whatever I need. I'm more concerned about having an overnight bag ready for my 3 kids. They will be saying at my mom and dads house (closer to the hospital) if i go into labor at night, so they will need their clothes, diapers etc.etc. for my daughter. I will probably pack a bag for them after Christmas.

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With every baby coming later than the last, and my due date is march 2nd, I am not too worried about packing a bag soon. I usually take a change if clothes and comfy socks, slippers, chap stick, snacks, clothes for dh and a blanket and pillow for both of us. Going home outfit for baby. Camera, phone. Probably a few other things I'm forgetting at the moment.

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I'll throw some stuff into a bag, but i honestly don't think I'm going to get to it until january. I'm not due until the 23rd of february, and have no history of early labor, so I'm not that concerned right yet.

I'll toss in some comfy stuff to wear for me, soft, big and baggy. Some really nice slipper socks. One of my own very soft blankets, maybe. our camera. I usually wear make up, but probably not going to while I'm in the hospital. My phone charger. And my purse.

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I had started packing my bag thinking I was going to birth center with DS. When my midwife decided to admit me to hospital, I had to swap some stuff out quickly. I will probably wait until closer to 32 weeks before I start putting stuff together. Things I missed having last time were: 1) music - I was compiling some music for labor but did not get anything finished before I was admitted; 2) snacks - I had food and snacks for labor and after delivery but then removed them from my bag because I had heard hospital staff did not allow laboring mothers to eat, big mistake as I ate barely any lunch before we left and I missed the dinner tray service by the time everything was settled after DS arrived, I think I would have liked some energy food to snack on during labor even if I was sneaking it behind staff's back ;); 3) a little bit of makeup - I'm not one to wear makeup on a regular basis, but I thought I looked so worn and washed out in our professional newborn pics that I might want some on hand just in case; 4) a big stick to poke/whack DH with when I need his attention - just kidding, but seriously if DH thinks he can just ignore me and sleep all night on the hospital room couch like last time while I'm up all night with a newborn, he has some serious thinking to do Blum 3 I've said many times since then how much that bothered me so hopefully he knows better this time around!