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It seems like it takes forever to pee these days... Like its trapped in my bladder by the baby's position!
I never made it this far with DD, so is this just something that happens?
It doesn't hurt or anything, so i dont think its an infection or anything, its just the slowest stream in the world!

I feel like baby has dropped some, as i Carried really high most if the pg and now my lower belly just seems to ache from The weight of the baby.

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well i went late with Lilly, and for me it gets to be like i feel the urge so i go and only pee a little like OMg really??? then im back in there 20 min later only for the same thing to happen. I only feel like it takes forever in the morning or in the middle of the night pee wait .... pee... wait pee... wait pee feels like forever but is probably on 5 min, and when i can't get anymore out i go back to bed.

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Slow pee is normal, don't worry. I have it now again and also had it with my son. I find it really weird too as I normally have very powerful pee, lol!

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Oh, and the midwives here say to lean forward at the end of a pee, as it releases a bit more from your bladder. HTH. x

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Same here! I think it is pretty common.

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I find it interesting how sometimes I have to go really bad and barely have anything, other times I don't feel a strong urge and produce a lot. Think it really depends on where little guy is positioned in there. I also can't wait for BMs to get normal again.