Play Yards, Pack and Play.

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Play Yards, Pack and Play.

Ok. Can we talk about Play Yards? The pack and play or whatever you call yours.

Did you buy one? Will you?

Did you get/do you want one with the changer and napper and bells and whistles, or just the plain ones with the bassinet top?

If you had one with your last little one, did you use the extra things, or were they a waste?

Is there a brand you like best?

Do you use it at home, or just for travel?

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We have a Pack n Play with just the top bassinet, for lil girl. I found that with my first son we had all the bells and whistles and it was really unnecessary. Unless you are planning to leave it up constantly as a bed instead of a crib I would go with a basic one. Others I know SWEAR by all the extras...

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We have a Graco Pack N Play from DS that will be this baby's bassinet/crib for the first couple months. It has an attached changer that we used the first few weeks with DS (we don't have a separate changing table) but I found I ended up using the bed, couch, or floor more for diaper changes. Plus the changer had a slight side tilt to it because it was only attached on the one side of the pack n play. Wasn't too much of an issue when DS was really small but as he gained more weight, it didn't seem as stable and he would tend to roll towards one side. So I guess looking back, I didn't find the changer all that useful. We didn't have an attached napper either and don't know if it would have been necessary. We used it at home only, but only because my mom and MIL had received used pack n plays from friends to keep at their houses, otherwise we would have taken it with us on driving trips, probably not flying trips.

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Just the basic model, we used the bassinet for 4 months and then used it to store clothes and diapers for a few months. Never used a changing table, always bed/floor/sofa. We then used it as a crib when we went out to visit with my family.

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We have a Graco one with all the bells and whistles. We used the extras b/c they were there- but definitely not necessary. With d/d we just left it set up in the living room, so she could nap where she was close (kids rooms are all upstairs) with this babe, I doubt we will use it b/c it's not even at our house- it's at our cabin to use for sleeping there. It's nice for traveling, but all our in laws already have them- if needed and hotels usually have them/cribs as well. I like them more for when baby is mobile, and I need to keep him contained;)

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I Have a basic graco. I keep it downstairs and use it as a place to nap and a changing table as needed. With all our bedrooms upstairs it just saved me a lot of walking.

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i had one with changing part and the upper level, plus the attached storage.

I only used it as a safe place to set baby down if i was alone and i had to potty or do something. Lilly absolutely hated to be in it. the pets stayed away from it.

the changing part was angled funny so we never used it. it was a catch all. as was the storage part. i did put cloth diapers in it tho.

I was happy to put it way in the attic.

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With my first, almost 8 years ago, I had one with noises and lights and vibrating bassinet - never used that stuff. I sold that one and got a new one 2.5 yrs ago, withthe napper and loved it!!!
We had ours in the living room where we spent most of our day. I didn't love the change table part and only used it in the first month or so. But the napper part was awesome!

I would say it depends on how you see yourself using it, will determine which bells and whistles you will want. If you only expect to use it for travel, you don't need much.

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We have the PnP with the bassinet and changer, and with my son we had a basic model. Never used the changer (but I don't get the point of a designated changing area, others may get a lot of use out of it) we did use the bassinet function until she grew out of it. With our son we used it until he wouldn't stay in it anymore (about 9 months he could climb out of it.) We don't have any plans to buy a crib, the PnP works fine.

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I've only ever had the super basic one I found for $5 at a yard sale in good shape. No bassinet or anything. It has been very helpful--I used it for all of my kids mostly when we traveled (car trips) or went camping (we have a giant tent that fit it) or when I needed the baby to sleep somewhere other than his room. We have a small house and whenever we have house guests, the best room to put them up in is the room dd and the baby share. So we kick dd out to a camping cot in her brothers' room and put the baby in a pack and play in our room so the guest can have her bed.