QOTD 6/25

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QOTD 6/25

I suggested it and of course I'm having difficulty coming up with a question to kick us off. At least I'm off the hook for thinking up next QOTD Smile

Umm...when in car do you tend to listen to radio, CD, something else, or nothing?

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I listen to the radio, and constantly scan the stations. I very rarely leave it on one station. We have satellight radio too (free trial) but I'm not impressed, so I never listen on that.

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I love my satellite radio because most of the stations are commercial free. But I still tend to channel surf frequently. My favorite is when I can listen to CarTalk on my way to work.

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I listen to BBC Radio 4 quite a bit, but also CDs - usually stuff DH has left in the car as I'm rarely organised enough to sort out my own for a journey. I also listen to a German language learning course on CD while I'm driving, and songs in German to help DS learn too.

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If the boys are I the car it's usually a cd, if its me by myself then its comedy or country radio.

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Same 2 stations every day. Both country. I channel hop if I dont like the songs

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Radio and Cds, I used to use my Ipod but thought it was to distracting .

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Usually my iPod. I have a few playlists i like for coming and going form work. I listen to my "wake up" in the am, and "wind down" on the way home. Sometimes I'll listen to the radio, too for a change.

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Radio and the kids Smile If there is a CD, it's typically a kids CD. They really like the "we sing" series -- they have a few of those.