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    Quote Originally Posted by smsturner View Post
    That is really, really cool. What an awesome job.
    It is... Though I have a new found hatred of dr Seuss and Amelia bedilia... (They are not interpretable)

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    I am a regustered nurse. I work in a pediatric medical daycare. I care for kids with physical and mental disabilities that require nursing care. They are mostly 5 and under. I absolutely love my job! And my hours are great (for a nurse), I work 8-5 four days a week, no weekends, no holidays.

    My husband is a loan underwriter and works mostly from home. He has to go to his office every other Monday and every Thursday. So our boys go to preschool 2 days a week. And it priced very well, because its private / through our church. We pay $470 a month, for 2 kids to go 12 hrs a week.

    I will most likely take only 6-8 weeks off, as I did with both of my boys. If my husband wasnt home so much, I might consider taking a couple more weeks. But he's going to take a paternity leave for a couple weeks after my maternity leave ends. That should bring baby to about 10 weeks old. From there we'll just do what we've been doing, he'll care for babiy and boys during his work days and we have a handful of family members that will be able to help out with the newest one on the few days that we both work and the boys are at school.

    It will certainly be a little different this time, as both of our work situations have changed since our boys were so little, but we think it'll work just fine.
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    Lurking from March...

    I work from home. I own an online business selling patches to treat lazy eye in children. I make them at home and sell them both on my own website and on Amazon. It doesn't bring in a lot, but it is something.
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