QOTD 7/5/13, a little early

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QOTD 7/5/13, a little early

Whats your go to meal for week nights?

I have a couple.

Black bean and cheese quesadillas are super quick and good with salsa and sour cream.

I try to plan ahead and have something in the crock pot a few nights of the week, too. Like a roast, or chicken and dumplings, or spaghetti.

I just started doing spaghetti in the crock pot and will never go back...... Awesome and super easy. Just let the sauce plus about 2/3 of the jar of water.simmer on low all day. Ten out your uncooked noodles in when you get home and its perfect in about 20 mins. You can add cooked hamburger or sausage to the sauce mixture if you like. Yummy!

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In colder weather, I like to make lentil vegetable soup with whatever veggies I have on hand. In warmer weather, I like to make a cold pasta salad or a veggie wrap. I'm trying out some new recipes this week because I felt I was in a cooking rut. Yesterday, I made roasted asparagus and tomato penne salad with goat cheese. Today I made tempeh greek salad wraps. They were both pretty good though the wraps were a little time consuming to prepare, but maybe more so because DS kept distracting me.

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Chicken Tortilla Casserole is a hit in our house.

Bake chicken in a crock pot. Come home and shred. Layer what ever you like in your tacos. I do lots of green, red, yellow, and orange peppers. Beans corn, black beans, cheese and shredded tortilla shells.

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I love spaghetti too, and it's so quick and easy. I've never tried it in the crockpot, but I might now, sounds tempting!! Smile

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Totally have to add this one late. Sloppy joe pop overs.

Take rolls of any type, we like crescent rolls. roll them into circle. add sloppy joe meat. seal the meat inside and cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Huge hit with kids and an easy way to hide veggies