QOTD 7/8/13

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QOTD 7/8/13

I get up earlier than all of you on this board I think, and it's already 4pm here so I'll start one...

Where did you go on your most recent holiday/vacation, and do you have a picture of it that you can share?

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I've already mentioned our work trip to Berlin, but this was definitely our most recent holiday, and it counted as a holiday as well because we had such a good time. We spent two months in the city and really felt settled in by the time we left. My grandmother was exiled from Berlin in 1939 and it was the first trip back for anyone in the family, so a very special visit. I did fall in love with the city, and we will be back again I'm sure, many times. We've even spoken about moving here.

We stayed in the part of Berlin that was East Berlin, so here is us near our flat with a good example of the massive communist art:

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Our most recent vacation was back in April. We went to Maui for a week. It was DS's first time swimming in pool and ocean.

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Our last trip was to see my family in Texas this past December for Stetson's B-day and Christmas. Had a blast. Stetson got to ride mommy's old horse and everything

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We went up to the Greeley Stampede (big festival about an hour north of us) with my best friend and her family and my nephew. My best friend is opening a store up there in a couple weeks so she had a booth at the fair and a spot in the parade (people from all over the state come for the festival). So we got to walk in the parade (I made it most of the way until the heat took it's toll on the pregnant lady). My nephew slept over the night before (he's 4 months younger than my oldest). So we got up at 6 am and threw the boys in the car and headed up. We had a blast!

 photo DSC_0088.jpg" alt="" />
riding in the wagon at the fair

 photo DSC_0148.jpg" alt="" />
learning to throw a lasso with Uncle

 photo DSC_0176.jpg" alt="" />
tuckered out after 10 hours!

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We went to Oak Island 2 weeks ago for a week. We've been there three other times and its just so nice and quiet. Its a family beach, with lots of beach space, nobody is ever crowding on you. Its very restful.

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We went to St. Simons Island Georgia last year and loved it. I want to move to the east coast soo bad, my family is originally from Massachusetts and upstate NY and visiting is hard to do every year but we are planning for our trip later in august.
I can't wait to tell my family while we are there. I just have to convince my Dr. to do a scan before then so i can share the news, besides, i am sure i will look prego by then, but it is nice to have the pics.