Quite an interesting scan today...

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Quite an interesting scan today...

We had a scan this morning to see how the baby was growing and what the fibroids are doing. I'm 30 weeks tomorrow. Anyway, good news all round. The baby's growth had been really behind but she has now caught up and is looking a good size, pretty average. The fibroids have all clustered together on my left side, well away from the placenta which is a the top. Some of them seem to have disappeared. The total fibroid clump is 10cm by 15cm

.... and the big news is that she's HEAD DOWN :shock: Here was me expecting another transverse baby, but her head is not only down, it's below the fibroids, which is basically the scenario that would give me the choice of a VBAC. I'm off tomorrow to chat to 'the vbac lady' at the hospital who will hopefully answer some of my questions about this could go. On the whole I'm feeling quite pleased to probably have the option this time.

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Yay!!! My second was a vbac and the plan is the same for this one (vbavbac? Is that a thing ?)

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That is great news! Glad she is continuing to grow and thrive.

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oh yay so happy for you... glad your baby girl caught up on growth and the fibroids aren't causing so much trouble.

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Thanks ladies, I'm honestly amazed!

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Fantastic appt!! Yay! I hope that you get the birth you want! Smile