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Random post

Just a random post--because I'm taking a break in my day Smile

Finally feel like I'm getting a few things accomplished. I have been washing baby clothes and finding a place in my house to put them. I emptied 2 drawers in my room and put them in there-since baby does not have a dresser nor do we have room for one for her! I got the carseat all ready to go. This week's prep is to get out the bassinet and bouncey and swing and them washed and put together. But at least if baby came today, I would have clothes to put her in, blankets to cover her with and a carseat to bring her home Smile

She still has no name, though dh has been saying we could do Charlotte. It is my favorite, but I'd still rather find one we both like. He likes it, he just thinks he might like something else better.

I'm sure glad the weekend is over though. What a hard weekend. Saturday morning was my friend's baby's funeral. It was an awful funeral to go to, but I felt like in the long run, even it if might have been hard to see me, that she would be grateful for the support when she looks back on it. I hope so. It was so hard because I gave her a hug and she just cried and said "I'm sorry, I can't see you right now". I understood, but it was hard. It was hard because she is my friend and I wanted to comfort her but just made it hard to see me big pregnant when her baby was lying in a tiny coffin. Cray 2 Horrid situation. I just felt guilty all weekend that our baby is still growing safe and sound and hers is not with her. All I can do is keep praying for her to have peace and that the pain can lessen though I know it will never go away.

On a happier note-another girl at church (an acquaintance more than friend really) just had her baby on Sunday. It snowed here (just an inch) which shuts everything down because it doesn't snow often. So my husband was assigned to call people from church to let them know that church was cancelled. He called this particular family to tell them and found out that they had their baby 2 hours earlier--ON THE FREEWAY!! She apparently woke up in transition and hurried to get out the door, but she had to make her dh pull over on the side of the freeway because baby was coming NOW. The 911 dispatcher talked him through the delivery and about a minute or 2 after baby was born, the ambulance showed up. Crazy story, but mom and baby boy are both healthy and doing great.

Anyways, like I said, random post!

Just needed some down time after lunch so I decided to come check out what was new here--and its been so quiet! Thought I'd share random thoughts Wink

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Yay for happy healthy babies, hugs for not so happy healthy baby. Sounds like you're full on nesting. I found those canvas boxes (from like target) work really well for organizing baby clothes (and later toy, bib, general storage).