Say what?!

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Say what?!

I think we have some other btdt moms... So what are some of your funny labor stories or things you said... I'm in the mood to giggle!

So with ds 1 I was on bed rest for a week before he was born (at 32 weeks due to severe pre-e). So when we went in the last time (I was home on bed rest) it was 3 am on a Sunday. My blood pressure was like 195/165... The immediately put me on anti seizure meds and then it was like being in a disco party with strobe light effects. I'm sure the nurses thought I was losing my mind. At one point they started discussing putting a catheter in (cause I was not going anywhere). I looked at my dh and said, "up? Nothing's going up... What's a urethra?!" Then started laughing hysterically... The nurses looked at each other and then my husband... He assured them that I was, in fact, lucid and able to sign things. See... I watch a lot of FRIENDS, and in one episode Joey gets kidney stones, and I was just quoting the show.

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That is hilarious!

I can't think of any funny labor stories or anything crazy I've said...

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The only thing I can think of that might have been funny was that I ripped the sleeve off of my ex's shirt during active labor. lol That was my non-epidural birth, all natural. (which i really don't want to do again! lol) He said I was hurting his hand, so he had me hold his sleeve instead. A super strong contraction came and I tore it right off. lol Looking back, the look on his face was funny. I'm sure he was imagining what damage his hand had escaped...