seriously can we talk food again?

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seriously can we talk food again?

omg, i am having the hardest time lately. One minuet i want to eat and the next i am completely turned off.
It sucks because I am such a foodie.
I am loving carbs like crazy cereal, bread, muffins, cookies!! ack oh and most dairy too.

I was really sad last night since i love spaghetti and my chunky meat sauce, and it was a no go, then i thought maybe i could eat it for lunch and 2 bites in i was over. I didn't even want to eat lunch at all.

I had scrambled eggs for dinner, and i had been craving peanut butter all day, so I made my favorite peanut butter cookies!! It is the best recipe i have ever made as far as peanut butter cookies go. yum yum yum i must have eaten like 5.

SO ladies tell me what your eating or not eating?
does it change much from day to day?
what is your biggest cravings right now?

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I go day to day with what I can and can't eat. I absolutely LOVE bacon, but I can't eat it and that makes me horribly sad. The past 2 days I've been eating alfredo, it's been the only thing that has sounded remotely appetizing. At the moment nothing sounds good, but I'm starving so off I go in search of something to tame this LO.

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I am still popping Zofran like skittles... So the things I have loved are PB&J, grilled cheese and lots of peanut butter crackers.

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It really varies day to day, but sometimes I go on a certain food kick, eat it for a day or two and then get sick of it. Cold cereal is still a good stand-by meal but it has to be a pretty bland cereal like shredded wheat. Then I'll crave something spicy out of the blue like tofu curry or veggie samosas with hot sauce. I'm mostly vegetarian except I eat seafood and I've been craving fish. I don't want to cook any fish at home right now because of the smell but if we go somewhere that has a fish sandwich or fish and chips plate, I tend to want that. I made myself some canned salmon salad for sandwiches which was pretty good. I really want some real sushi again as I'm getting tired of just having veggie and california rolls.

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It really varies too for me. I just notice that if I don't eat I get nausea really badly. Last night we had a tiny dinner (I'm at my aunt and uncles and they are tiny!) and at 11pm I was so uncomfortable! I came downstairs and ate a banana and three oatcakes with philadelphia cheese, and felt so much better.

Today I've wanted yoghurt.

I have much more of a sweet tooth with this pregnancy than I did with DS. With him I went completely off anything sweet in the whole of the first trimester. I also had loads of aversions in the same period, and with this one I've not had any complete no nos. Nor have I had any cravings that come repeatedly (with DS I did - for pineapple).

On one level I think part of the difference is that I'm trying to keep a lid on things a bit more, so it could be psychological. Last time I think I ate poorly for T1 because I couldn't stomach much, and then I overate later on to compensate. It did come off, but I'd rather not put as much on this time.

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I still feel very off, too. I get so hungry, but nothing sounds good. Im mainly eating raw veggies and ranch dressing, cantaloupe, watermelon, and cold pasta salad. Cold cereal is also a good standby.
I did make tilapia and tomatoes the other night and really enjoyed that. Ironic since i couldn't stand any fish or seafood with DD. i wasnt into much meat at all with her, and that is the same with this one.