Sex Drive... Or lack there of

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Sex Drive... Or lack there of

Has anyone else had absolutely no interest in sex? I mean like we haven't DTD since before the wedding, poor hubs. It's just not there. I am either really irritable, fall asleep at 8 pm with my son, have an upset stomach, or I just don't feel like it. :(:( Any suggestions?

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Typically, that's how I am while pregnant, however...this one has been different. I wouldn't say I want it all the time, but definitely more than normal. Hubby doesn't seem to mind one bit;)
I've found the more you think about it- the more you want it. Maybe a little mental preparation is needed?

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I'm using my UTI as a get out of sex card until I'm done with my antibiotics. But I know I can only hold DH off for so long before he starts complaining. My sex drive is zero right now but I have been having some crazy sex dreams, but when I wake up I'm no longer in the mood :shrug: I think mental preparation is key too especially when you've been so preoccupied with other things and not feeling great. Maybe just talking about intimate things and giving each other massages or just touching might help to get you in the mood, it might take a couple days to build up to sex. Hope this helps you newlyweds Smile

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Tom won't touch me. (In general, I"m in the mood much more often than he is, pregnant or not) But right now he's too scared. He's acting like I'm made of fragile glass. I'm the one getting really annoyed and frustrated. It's a bit of a hit to my ego, since i'm feeling pudgy anyway.

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Im sorry to hear you all are struggling with sex right now. I am all over it, really for me prego sex is amazing. I am trying to enjoy it while i can since once Dh can feel the baby moving he says its too weird.

Kendra ~ i am sure it will pick up for you towards the 2nd trimester, but for now you can get some extra shut eye feed your self well and then try and think sex mama thoughts and get Dh to help you feel sexy about yourself.

Susan ~ seriously everything that i have read about sex and pregnancy is that it is completely safe except in certain circumstances so unless those few things apply to you, or unless your Dr. has put you on pelvic rest. just show Dh what those are and maybe he will relax a bit, or bring it up at a dr. appointment in front of Dh. most Dr.s will say have fun while you can. lol