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Showing/baby bump

I think when you start to "show" is one of the most exciting points in pregnancy. Just curious when you expect to start showing? This is my 4th pregnancy, so Im going to assume I will show a bit earlier than some, however, I'm taller and thinner- so with my first/second it actually took a LONG time for me to sport a bump. (Probably due to the fact i was sooo sick too- i lost weight I couldnt afford to loose!) I remember I barely looked pregnant at my 20 week U/S with my first. It made me almost self conscious. People would constantly look at me surprised that I was ____ weeks along because I was so "small" (see it goes both ways- some people get comments for being too "big" and some too "small") I hate when non pregnant people voice their opinions as to your size. :rolleyes:
Anyway, I was looking back at my belly pics from d/d (my third) and I definitely had a nice bump going by 16 weeks. So I imagine that's when the real (not bloat! Lol) bump will come. Just in time for fall- hello leggings and boots!!! Anyone else excited!?

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I'm a bigger mom so I never have a bump that looks like a bump... I have a "put down the donuts" stomach...

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With my first I was a freak of nature. I didn't really Show until about 5.5 months.... I also got the YOUR how far along?! So I am hoping to sport a baby bump MUCH earlier this time around!!

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If i member correctly, i was about 5 months along, too. I hope its a little earlier with this one. I got some cute leggings when i was pg with my m/c just because i found them in sale. So i didnt return them, in hopes i would need them at some point. Im hoping that i can find some cute tunics to go with them. I lived in dresses for work last pg. they were just so much more comfortable and kept me cooler. I was burning up even in January!

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My guess is between 14- 16 weeks?

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I'm all arms and legs, so I have that same "put down the donuts" look from about eight weeks until 12 weeks, and then there is a visible bump. I have noticed though, that I show earlier with each pregnancy - with my first, I started wearing maternity clothes in my fifth month, with my second, it was in my fourth month, and with this baby...well, let's just say I am grateful for summer dresses because I haven't been able to button my jeans for a couple of weeks already.

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Lillifee- that's how my body works too:/ fortunately I'm still wearing my normal shorts/jeans etc. however- I'm getting very self conscious b/c after I eat anything- my stomach looks like a major beer gut. By the end of the day it looks huge- and not in a nice round pregnant belly look, but like I gained 10 lbs. only in my stomach and hips. Guess I'm going to have to get some loose fitting shirts. It kind of sucks b/c I typically live in my swimsuit for the summer, but now I'm slightly embarrassed, even around family who already know. Oh well, I'm pregnant, guess ill have to take it in stride. Just a small price to pay, for growing a little bean:)

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lol, Jenn, I know. There should be some sort of "ask me about my uterus" t-shirt that women can wear during that awkward pregnant-enough-to-look-tubby-but-not-tubby-enough-to-look-pregnant phase.

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I show very early because of my fibroids, and end up measuring about 45 weeks by the end Sad The only bonus is that the bump becomes bump like quickly and the thickening of the waist stage is very short. I think this time it will be hard to hide the first 12 weeks when I'd prefer it to stay quiet. In the last pregnancy I loved the way I looked around 27 weeks. From 34 weeks onwards though I felt like an elephant.'s picture
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I really don't remember how quickly I started showing with my previous pregnancies. Timing being a little different this time, I'm worried about a visible bump during swimsuit season. Especially because I'll be wearing a swimsuit at work weekly, and I am not planning on telling them until week 12 or so. We'll see I guess.