Sibling adjustments/reactions

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Sibling adjustments/reactions

How are your kids adjusting/reacting to new baby?

DS1 was shy then excited when we brought DS2 home - kept wanting to grab baby's hands and touch his face the first day or so. Now DS1 seems kind of indifferent about him (he finds our cat more interesting) except he gets very upset if I or DH are holding DS2 and he wants us to get up and do something right away and we tell DS1 he needs to wait or ask the other parent to help. He seems to have hit the "terrible twos" because he is also throwing more tantrums and fighting us on things that he used to not have issues with (like brushing his teeth or taking a nap). I feel there are times when DS1 is wearing me out more than having a newborn. We try to set time aside for one on one time with DS1. DS1 not taking naps is hard because I was hoping to use that as my nap time when DH returns to work.

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Sorry the transition has been hard. I think my 2 yo will also have a hard transition. He is already such a demanding, needy little guy that I am afraid! We shall see soon :/

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Big sister has been super proud from day one, but she has also been possessive... everything is mine also so is brother " my brother, my boy, my baby" She is getting better. We have had some confusion since grandma likes to undermine my and Dh's authority, which was causing temper tantrums when grandma was around. I have address this with her several times.WE are doing much better now. But i feel bad since Lo takes up soo much time with nursing. I feel bad and try to spend time with her when i can. We are also trying to get out of the house at least once a day even if just to the store and back.