Sick and tired of...

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Sick and tired of...

Feeling sick and tired. Sad
My heartburn/acid reflux has been the worst with this baby then ever before with my other 3. (This baby better come out needing a haircut, lol) It's to the point where I vomit b/c of all the acid backup. Doesn't matter what I eat or drink- it rears its ugly head from about 2PM everyday until I eventually fall asleep. Which brings me to sleep- I don't feel like I'm getting nearly enough. I swear I'm up peeing every hour and a half. Then I can't fall back asleep, and by time I do, I'm back up to pee. Ugh.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs a little vent!
So vent away ladies! How are you feeling? If your feeling great, please share so we can all be jealous, haha (joking), but seriously share away!

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I think my heartburn is just starting to show up. It is pretty mild so far but I expect it to get worse if it is anything like my first pregnancy. I remember spending many a night sleeping partially upright on the couch before I finally started taking a OTC heartburn medicine to get some relief. My biggest complaint right now is my hip pain. It starts at night from sleeping on my sides and it takes almost the whole day for my hips to start feeling better before it starts all over again at bedtime. I've also discovered this past week that when I sneeze, I end up leaking enough to have to change my underwear so now I have to start wearing pads. It doesn't matter if my bladder is practically empty...I now have the bladder of an older woman Blum 3

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I totally relate to the heartburn. It was like that with DD, too. I eat tums like candy, and many times do end up taking a Pepcid to get some relief. And she didnt have much hair at all!
My hips are starting to feel better, but i did have some nasty sciatica. Baby is still breech, so i dont know if that has anything to do with th hip pain coming and going.
My belly just feels very i need to prop it up or something! At night i actually do put part of my body pillow under it!

I dont think I'll have any more kids, just dont want to roll the dice on this premie thing again, given our current situation. So,I'm trying to enjoy the belly as much as possible. This is the first time i really tried out eh skinny jean thing, and they have been my go-to pants since mid second trimester. Somehow my butt doesn't look at big in comparison to my belly, so i dont feel so self conscious in the skinny cut.

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Oh Jenn so sorry to hear the heart burn/ acid reflux issues.. as well as the the rest of you ladies.
I have always struggled with my acid reflux, but back in march i gave up the rx meds and said enough is enough. it was causing sleep problems and extreme anxiety. It took months to figure it all out, but sorry to say I am doing sooo much better this time around, i only need tums maybe 3-6 times a day, and i was poping them sooo much when prego with Lilly it was like candy.

What i did to heal my gut was loads of prebiotics/ probiotics and keifer, plus virgin coconut oil daily. I have cut out the oil because that was also a weight loss secret/ keeps you full feeling.There is tons of benefits from coconut oil, but I worry about almost any so called natural remedies. I just didn't think it was a good idea to continue while prego. Idk. call me crazy, but i was no where near taking the amount that is recommended online.

wow ok so that was a moulthful...

I think i am doing good because I am sleeping at night and i am only up 1-2 times to pee, But I am not getting to bed early or sleeping in, so i guess my body must be exhausted. I am lucky to be asleep by 11 pm and Lilly wakes me between 7:30 and 8 am.

I do get really tired in the afternoon.

The rash is starting to clear but I am sure I still have it.

Here is my vent tho

While Dh is trying to be nice, he is being a **** because I said no sex since i am having the issues down there, he knows sex is off the table, soooo what does he do.....

Flirts with me as much as possible, touches me, caresses me, and in general all over me like i am some prized virgin..... arg
pisses me off

I know sex should be the least of my worries..

I am also having trouble with house hunting, and some things happened financially so I not even sure we can afford to move now.
I feel like such a crappy parent that can't provide my family with a house that they deserve.