So tired!!

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So tired!!

It is Friday afternoon and all I want to do at the end of the week is SLEEP! I'm sure running around after an almost 2 year old and keeping up with 3 school-agers is not helping my tiredness. But I'm excited for the weekend--and dh's help with kiddos Wink

And I still have 7 weeks to go! Phew....

Oh, and my baby is turning 2 in 2 weeks and ha just hit the throes of terrible 2's. Everything is a fight and even though he had been doing great going to bed at night, he now fights it! He used to just lay down and go to bed--now he cries and yells for me. He breaks my heart-but I don't want to create bad habits for him! Last night he was saying "Oakley needs mama!" "Oakley's sad!" "Carry Oakley downstairs" "Oakley sleep mama's bed!" (He is very verbal and refers to himself in 3rd persons LOL) I went in and gave him a hug and kiss, sang him a song, told him it was bedtime and he needed to lay down and go to sleep, but I wouldn't take him out of bed. I can't have him in bad habits at this point! But it broke my heart. After the 3rd time of going in to comfort him, I called from downstairs and told him goodnight. He finally fell asleep Sad

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what a cute kiddo! Maybe a new special stuffie or spray some of your "scent" (perfume or lotion if you have one) would help. I know when my oldest is missing his grandma (my mom) he'll ask for the "good smelling stuff" (I found a room spray of her lotion). Maybe a new snuggle friend that you guys pick out together would help with the transition too?

I'm with ya on the tired... I'm exhausted by the end of the week... Friday is usually either fend for yourself/leftovers or Daddy brings dinner home, cause I am in no mood to cook. I've got 2 maybe 3 weeks left (hoping to make it to my due date but my bp is slowly rising so we may induce early since I have a history of pre-e and have been on insulin for GD since october)...

We still need to move ds2 to his big boy room (which still needs some work before he can move in) and finish shopping (tomorrow my folks are taking the boys so we can do this). I doubt DS2 will be out of the nursery before baby comes but that's ok cause we room in for a few months as it's easier to nurse.

Here's to us all getting more sleep!