STRONG movements!

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STRONG movements!

This is a new one for me, but sometimes when this LO moves it makes me nauseated. It's as if I'm on a roller coaster and can feel my stomach "drop." Anyone else have this? I often wonder what in the world this little man doing!!!? It's not all the time, so it always catches me off guard- but it almost makes me feel like puking at times, lol. If its possible he can still be doing flips, that's what it feels like- but super fast flips. I don't remember feeling movement this strongly with my other kids, but of course it's possible I have just forgotten. Wowza

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It's completely possible that he is flipping around in there : )

She Doesn't make me sick to my stomach but I swear this girl is already kicking my rib bones, she also takes not to pay special attention to my Cervix. If she doesn't like something, she lets me know!

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Also, depending on where your placenta is at, like say the back it is possible that there isn't a lot of padding near your stomach. With DS it was near the back and I got a ton of stomach punches, and with DD hers was up front and I didn't feel her kicks outside as much.

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I had an anterior placenta with DD and with the septum cutting out the available room, i rarely felt any movement at all. But this baby kiks and moves really hard!!!! It is also quite surprising! This baby i has been breech all along, and I'm not sure if she is still flipping or what, but i dont feel as hard of kicks at my cervix anymore. That is helpful!

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not exactly the feelin, but my kiddo is causing sporadic incontinence... Sigh... I have bladder and cervix punches/ kicks most of the time. I am hoping to encourage this baby to get in the head down position soon, i hate worrying baby wont turn in time.

Lilly's back was to my bladder, this one is the opposite back to my ribs. I still can't remember when she flipped for me but i know it was late like 34 weeks or so

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I can't really tell where this kiddo is positioned yet. Definitely getting stronger kicks and jabs as he gets bigger and more cramped in there. I don't feel as much pressure on my bladder as before thankfully.